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The Thadomal Shahani Trust is one of Mumbai’s premier private charitable trusts established in 1958. Its primary goals are to provide education, healthcare and housing to all sections of society. Over the last half a century, the Shahani Trust has facilitated the creation of many well-known educational and medical institutions in Mumbai.
The trustees are on the governing board of more than 24 well-known institutions in Mumbai. These include:

  •     Thadomal Shahani Engineering College
  •     H.R. College of Commerce
  •     K.C. College of Management Studies
  •     Jai Hind College of Arts, Science & Commerce
  •     R.D. National College of Arts, Science & Commerce
  •     M.M.K. College of Commerce & Economics
  •     K.C. College of Arts, Science & Commerce
  •     KM Kundnani College of Pharmacy
  •     Watumull Institute
  •     Bombay Institute of Technology
  •     Chandibai College of Art, Science & Commerce
  •     H & G.M. Mansukhani College of Management
Some other educational institutes set up by the Thadomal Shahani Trust include:

K.T. Shahani Vocational Training & Community Center (Mumbai):

Many women from lower income groups come to this center to learn skills that will enable them to earn additional income for themselves. Classes are taken in many subjects, including sewing, dress designing and cooking. Anandram T. Shahani School (Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh):
The school is named after Anandram Shahani, a past trustee, who was also a well-known author. The school provides higher secondary education to needy students in the area. K.T. Shahani Girls School (Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh):
This school serves around 440 needy girl students in the Bairagarh area of Madhya Pradesh. K.T. Shahani School (Gandhidham, Gujarat):
Students from all over Gandhidham are given subsidized education at this popular school. Tejibai Thadomal Shahani Girls School (Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh):
This girls' school was named after Dada K.T. Shahani’s mother. It provides education to girls from the poorest sections of society.

The Trust has set up the following healthcare facilities in Mumbai.

Ajit Shahani Memorial Diagnostic Center:
This center was set up to provide free and subsidized health care to the needy residents of slums in the area. Many eminent doctors volunteer their time to practice here and serve the poor. The center has outpatient facilities and a maternity ward. It is well-stocked with the latest medical equipment.

Lila Shahani Opthalmic Ward: This has been created within Tilak Hospital to provide eye care services to the disadvantaged people in the area. Many needy patients come here for treatment of myopia, cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases.

Lila Shahani Center For Early Detection of Cancer: In many cases, cancer can be cured if detected early enough. This center has a range of complex medical equipment to detect the presence of malignant cells within otherwise healthy people. This early detection of malignancy has helped save many lives.

The Trust was also one of the founder donors of the following well-known hospitals:


Jaslok Hospital & Research Center

PD Hinduja Hospital & Research Center

Chainrai Hospital Some of the other ways the Thadomal Shahani Trust has helped society are:

Low-Cost Housing: Three housing colonies were built in the Mumbai suburbs of Juhu, Mulund and Chembur. A combined total of 350 flats were provided to the needy at a very nominal rent.

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