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'Advertisers are looking for innovations in print to get their message out': Sheena Kapoor, Head Innovations, Times Group

Sheena Kapoor, Head Innovations, Times Group, was at the CFM campus for an industry guest sessionHow innovative can you get selling ad space in the newspaper?

After the recent industry guest session with Sheena Kapoor, Head Innovations, Times Group, PGDBM students of Centre for Management (CFM) can tell you - it depends on how far your imagination can take you!

StratHR Asks: Are Flexi Hours at the Workplace Possible?

Centre for Management introduces StratHR, the new HR club
StratHR is Centre for Management's (CFM) new HR Club. It is led by HR professor Rina Srivastava with PGDBM students specializing in HR in lead roles. The objective of this club is to provide a space for learning and discussion regarding new developments and insights into the marketing world. Students are encouraged to strategize and offer solutions to questions put forth that would create real world impact.

Moneylife Foundation To Give Crash Course in Financial Literacy to First-Year PGDBM Students

Centre for Management: Financial Literacy Course by Moneylife Foundation

To ensure that Centre for Management's (CFM) new batch of PGDBM students are financially literate, i.e. capable of managing and growing their money once they become working professionals, Moneylife Foundation has organized a one-day financial literacy course at the Moneylife Knowledge Centre in Dadar on Saturday, September 14.