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A New Beginning: TSCFM Welcomes the PGDBM Class of 2013-15!

Centre for Management welcomes the new PGDBM Class of 2013-15!

September 2 marked the Commencement Day of the PGDBM Batch of 2013-15. The event was hosted and conducted by students of the incoming batch themselves, during which they got their first set of life lessons from three eminent guests, each from very diverse backgrounds: Vijay Mansukhani, co-founder and MD, Onida; Jaya Row, founder of Vedanta Vision, and Aaba Vitthal Ranaware, BEST bus driver and Mumbai Mirror’s Green Hero. The event was also attended by many proud and eager parents.

Never Forget These Marketing Fundamentals: Industry Guest Session with Sambit Mohanty, Business Development Manager, Dow Jones

Centre for Management: Industry guest session with Sambit Mohanty, Business Development Manager at Dow Jones

Picture this. You walk into an electronics store and head down to the LCD TV section. Although all the screens look large and impressive, without knowing why, you gravitate towards the Sony LCD TV and stop there. A salesperson approaches you, ready to wow you with his pitch. But in a way, you're already sold on what you want. That's the power of marketing - building a brand that is so strong it overshadows the product itself.

Why Was JP Morgan Chase Felicitated With A 'Crisis Management' Award For A Disaster It Created?

Centre for Management Blog: JP Morgan Chase Awarded 'Crisis Management' Prize for Disaster IT Created!

At an annual Wall Street Awards function hosted by the trade publication IR Magazine a few months ago, mega-bank JP Morgan Chase was awarded 'Best Crisis Management' for its of handling the London Whale Crisis – a crisis that JP Morgan was the reason behind is now the reason why it is earning recognition and praise.