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Session Notes: Bhasker Tiwari, Regional Manager, Wealth Management at Aditya Birla Money

Interview with Bhasker Tiwari, Regional Manager- Wealth Management at Aditya Birla Money

1. What investment approach would you suggest for people who have just started working?

  • First you need to see what kind of earning he has (that is your client)
  • The responsibility for the first 5 years saving is important to see
  • 20% debt, 80% equity funds
  • SIP METHOD: Systematic investment planning
  • Take insurance for maximum term and earlier you take the better it is
  • Buy a term plan (maximum that is possible)

Given Up On Your New Year Resolutions? Perhaps You Should Have Made Some Realistic Ones!

This is a time when we say 'it’s good to be sad'. Confused? It is good to be sad as there is something new starting. It is a new year.

The year you were living in just a while ago is gone, but the New Year is here with lots of opportunities. Making a to-do or not-to-do list for the New Year is a "RESOLUTION", a decision made by each and every one. It can also be said to be a set of specific goals to be accomplished in a year. 

However, it is seen that 60% or more people ignore and forget about their resolutions. So, what is a resolution? Till now, this word has been used so many times but do we even know what it means? It means 'solution' or solving a problem, with the prefix -'re', which usually means again. We strive to solve a problem again and again and again.

What Can India Learn from China's Economic Successes and Failures?

What Can India Learn from China's Economic Successes and Failures?

The People’s Republic of China is the world’s most populous country with a population of 1.35 billion. It's the world’s second largest country in land area, covering 9.6 million square kilometres. Its GDP (PPP) is 13.37 trillion USD and GDP (nominal) is 8.93 trillion USD (2013 estimates), making it the second-largest economy in the world. It is also one of the most geographically and ethnically diverse nations on Earth.