How Homegrown Flowers can Help Improve India's GDP!

India's budding floriculture industry

Flowers provide a great business opportunity in a country like India. In India flowers are used in so many occasions like festivals, weddings, in many Indian rituals, gifting and many more. Flowers are expressions of tender love and warm affection.

India is very rich in flowers and has a wide variety of flowers, but still there is demand for various exotic elegant flowers, which are imported in India from different countries. A new range of exotic flowers are being used extensively, which are mostly imported from Singapore, China and Holland and other variety of flowers are mainly imported from New Zealand, Thailand, Australia. Import of flowers constitutes 0.0009% of total imports. In monetary terms, this is about 13.6 crore rupees of imports.

Given Up On Your New Year Resolutions? Perhaps You Should Have Made Some Realistic Ones!

This is a time when we say 'it’s good to be sad'. Confused? It is good to be sad as there is something new starting. It is a new year.

The year you were living in just a while ago is gone, but the New Year is here with lots of opportunities. Making a to-do or not-to-do list for the New Year is a "RESOLUTION", a decision made by each and every one. It can also be said to be a set of specific goals to be accomplished in a year. 

However, it is seen that 60% or more people ignore and forget about their resolutions. So, what is a resolution? Till now, this word has been used so many times but do we even know what it means? It means 'solution' or solving a problem, with the prefix -'re', which usually means again. We strive to solve a problem again and again and again.

What Can India Learn from China's Economic Successes and Failures?

What Can India Learn from China's Economic Successes and Failures?

The People’s Republic of China is the world’s most populous country with a population of 1.35 billion. It's the world’s second largest country in land area, covering 9.6 million square kilometres. Its GDP (PPP) is 13.37 trillion USD and GDP (nominal) is 8.93 trillion USD (2013 estimates), making it the second-largest economy in the world. It is also one of the most geographically and ethnically diverse nations on Earth.

Markomania Discussion: Are Children Bigger Influencers of Purchase Decisions Than We Give Them Credit For?

Are Indian TV advertisements recognizing kid power?

When was the last time you saw a TV advertisement for a consumer durable product that doesn't feature a kid? From cars to soups to air-conditioners to books, you find them everywhere - they are ubiquitous on television. The most important question is why do marketing gurus target children apart from their own consumption categories?

Markomania Asks: Will Pepsodent's Open Challenge to Colgate Displace the Market Leader?

Centre for Management: What do you think of Pepsodent's strategy to challenge market leader Colgate?

And so begins another war in the toothpaste industry. 

Pepsodent - the challenger brand from Hindustan Unilever - has attacked market leader Colgate with a strong and directly comparative ad. Pepsodent's advertisement claims that it is 130% better than Colgate when it comes to fighting germs.