Never Forget These Marketing Fundamentals: Industry Guest Session with Sambit Mohanty, Business Development Manager, Dow Jones

Centre for Management: Industry guest session with Sambit Mohanty, Business Development Manager at Dow Jones

Picture this. You walk into an electronics store and head down to the LCD TV section. Although all the screens look large and impressive, without knowing why, you gravitate towards the Sony LCD TV and stop there. A salesperson approaches you, ready to wow you with his pitch. But in a way, you're already sold on what you want. That's the power of marketing - building a brand that is so strong it overshadows the product itself.

Use Social Media Effectively to Create a Strong Digital Presence and Boost Your Career

Centre for Management: Use Social Media Effectively to Boost Your Career

If you think Facebook or Twitter is just a place where you can share photos and news about your private life with friends and acquaintances, you are very likely being short-sighted. Social networking, if used correctly, can play a significant role in building your career prospects. And if you're not careful while sharing your private information on what are essentially public platforms, you could lose your job and unexpectedly damage your career!

Exclusive: 'The biggest driver for a career in finance should be a passion for markets' - Ritish Rangwalla, Research Associate, Morgan Stanley


Ritesh Rangwalla, Research Associate, Morgan Stanley, listens to student presentations at CFM

Ritish Rangwalla was recently on the judges panel for the Summer Internship Project (SIP) presentations of Semester III PGDBM Finance students. We took the opportunity to ask him about his own career graph, the importance of an MBA in this field and what it takes to establish a successful career in finance.