If you seek a career in banking and finance, and consider yourself a genuine A-lister, then jump the queue and head towards a job in Barclays.

A Job in Barclays: Living the Dream

What is it about the banking and finance sector that continues to lure and beckon mere mortals like us? Perhaps after Hollywood, it is the banking and financial services industry that offers such an alluring mix of glamour, opportunity, riches and fame. And of course, professionals in both industries – much to their dismay and our entertainment – are constantly under scrutiny and the subject of dinner conversations! You may not have rock star looks, but if you think your brain could take you all the way to the top of the banking sector, consider a job in Barclays – the rock star of finance.

Company profile

Not many banks can lay claim to changing the face of banking around the world. In fact, only one bank can claim to have pioneered the first ATM. And that bank is Barclays. Way back in 1967, its spirit of innovation and futuristic planning was already well entrenched. From banking products and services for the individual customer to specialised investment opportunities for large corporations and governments, Barclays has mastered the banking and financial services spectrum.

Why Barclays?

Its global footprint covers 57 countries around the world, with more being added regularly. Over 140,000 Barclays’ employees keep the bank at the top of its game, serving customers as diverse and demanding as the employees themselves. If you are the kind of person who loves to meet people from around the world, a career in Barclays will get you a lot of that without even needing to leave your own cubicle.

Perks and benefits

Let’s cut to the chase. One of the biggest benefits of a job with a global banking behemoth like Barclays is the money. The salary is world-class, and individual performance entitles you to a discretionary performance bonus which we are told is very, very attractive indeed. But if you are driven by more than the moolah, then Barclays is still the place for you, because it offers so much more to enrich the lives of its employees. A job in Barclays will also get you benefits like flexible working or telecommuting, healthcare benefits, and a range of discount programmes depending on which part of the world you are located.

Work culture

Barclays gives its employees a continuous learning environment, and not just in the classroom. It uses the ‘70:20:10’ model of learning – 70% of learning happens on the job, 20% occurs by drawing on the knowledge of others and 10% is gained through formal learning.

Job profiles

Typical profiles at Barclays include:

  • Business, investment and wealth manager roles for its business, corporate, investment, personal and premier banking verticals
  • Functional specialists for supporting functions like marketing, HR, administration, customer care, etc.
  • Analysts, researchers and operations specialists
  • IT professionals, especially those with experience in BFSI software and technologies

 Get started

Mentoring opportunities, internships and graduate MBA programmes for young professionals, a structured career progression plan, job rotations and international work placements are all available to you when you have that precious job in Barclays. If you are ready for your rock star dream, then log onto www.barclays.com and start surfing the world.