Career at Wills Lifestyle—For the Fashion Conscious

If you have a great sense of fashion and want to make a mark in the retail sector of designer clothes and garments, then Wills Lifestyle is the brand you have been looking for. A career at Wills Lifestyle is a wonderful opportunity for creative people who have a new and unique approach to clothes and fashion. The company is known for its innovative designs. Wills Lifestyle is in the process of expanding its business so as to reach all its prospective customers with ease.

Company Profile

Wills Lifestyle is a chain of specialty stores that handle products for the complete fashion world. The fashion conscious who want value for money can shop till they drop at Wills Lifestyle!

  • Wills Lifestyle stores have designer clothes for all occasions. They have product lines for traditional Indian wear, western outfits, sportswear, and every other category of clothes.
  • Customer satisfaction is the company’s primary driver. It motivates its employees to offer their best assistance to customers.
  • The hardworking designers work day and night to produce unique designs for their customers.
  • Wills Lifestyle uses superior quality fabric that you can trust.
  • The stores deal in all types of fashion accessories as well.
  • The stores provide their customers with a complete fashion package.

Achievements and Future Projects

  • Wills Lifestyle has been receiving good ratings from fashion critics in recent times.
  • More than 2 million people walk into Wills Lifestyle stores in a single year.
  • The designs and clothes displayed by Wills Lifestyle have been highly appreciated in India’s most prestigious fashion and trade event, Lakme Fashion Week. Its products gave Indian fashion an international recognition in the event.
  • The company has recently launched a loyalty program for its customers called Club Wills. It already has 60,000 members and the number continues to increase.
  • Wills Lifestyle has planned to sell in wholesale its products to 100 new stores and expand rapidly across India’s smaller cities as well.
  • It is ranked among the top luxury brands of India in the TIME magazine.

A Career at Wills Lifestyle

Wills Lifestyle is constantly looking for young and talented individuals who are looking for a great opportunity in the lifestyle sector. A healthy working environment and a professional work culture characterize the company.

Wills Lifestyle is focused on offering its employees an excellent work experience.

  • New employees will get an exposure to the latest technology and ERP systems.
  • Your career at Wills Lifestyle will grow with different products and brands and you will get opportunities to work in different regions of the country.
  • The work culture will encourage every employee to offer the best customer service and assistance.
  • Designers can also explore a career in this company.
  • Employees with outstanding performance will get promoted easily and gain an edge over the other employees.
  • Experimentation and innovation are the key reasons for the success of Wills Lifestyle.
  • With so much to learn, your career at Wills Lifestyle will take a new turn.

The following are the positions you can apply for:

  • Store manager
  • Design specialist
  • Category manager
  • Assistant manager - production

You can apply for the positions online by visiting the company website. Check your application status regularly.

Contact Details

Visit the company’s website for more details.

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