Exclusive: HR head of National Stock Exchange says ethics is most critical factor in finance sector recruitment


Jun 17, 2013

in Industry Leaders

In the video, Mr. Mukherjee says he always looks for candidates ‘with a Western outlook and an Indian ethos’. He added that there are three criteria by which candidates are measured:

  • Knowledge: Gathered from the educational institutes one has come from
  • Skills: Gathered from the organizations one has previously worked at
  • Behaviour: Imbibed from parents and one’s early education

Not surprisingly, the most critical factor in recruitment in the financial sector, noted Mr. Mukherjee, is a candidate’s ethics and moral values. Since it is well-regulated by SEBI, a body like NSE expects its employees to strictly adhere to standards of ethics and codes of conduct. This is also the case for other major players in the finance industry.

Centre For Management is the most industry-focused business school in India and has won the DNA Innovative B School Award for Industry Academic Interface. Terming CFM’s practice of arranging over 50 industry sessions in an academic year for its students ‘a brilliant initiative’, Mr. Mukherjee said, “I personally feel there is a lot of gap between theory and practical… And the more interaction you have with the industry, the more you are going to bridge that gap.”

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