Exclusive: 'The challenge is of plenty in the hospitality sector' - Rajiv Wagh, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, Shirke Infrastructure


Jul 18, 2013

in Industry Leaders

A hospitality professional with over 27 years of senior level experience in top hotel chains in India and abroad, Mr. Wagh revealed that the real challenge is not of lack of opportunity, but of plenty. In the video, he says, “The challenge is of too many opportunities being presented and how one can tap into them… There is enough business for everyone in the country.”

In the video, Mr. Wagh relates his experience of transforming a cold shell into a full-fledged hotel for the US-based Best Western Group which has planned to pour in Rs.5,000 crore into the country to set up 100 hotels in the coming 10 years. He noted that in such a scenario, a need for innovation arises in figuring out how to complete goals in a short span of time.

So where do the greatest job opportunities in hospitality management lie? One would be surprised by the answer. Instead of naming the metros, Mr. Wagh revealed that as with other sectors, the real growth story for the hospitality industry is in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, especially when it comes to the demand for budget hotels. “India is short by about a lakh of rooms and this shortage will grow. The market is booming and the hotels coming up are not up to the mark. The gap in demand and supply is growing, especially in these cities.”

To be successful in the hospitality sector, Mr. Wagh lists the following traits – a hospitable nature, being people-savvy, people-friendly and having the capacity to enjoy a job where one is continuously in contact with people.

Watch the video as Mr. Wagh talks about the importance of a strong hospitality management education.

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