5 Pills to Reduce Exam Fever

Once upon a time in the abandoned dark tower across the hamlet called Simpleton, there was an evil wizard who detested children and teenagers. Youngsters were happy and enjoying their life, and this irked the evil lord so much, that he swore to snatch that happiness from them. He toiled for years in his dungeon and conjured a trick to deceive children; today we call it an exam. At least this is how students think of it!

It is natural to be scared of exams but if you are suffering from exam fever, check out the followingpills/tips that will help reduce it.

Sleep Well and Eat Healthy

A simple and healthy meal before the exam ensures that your body has the right amount of fuel to cope up with the task at hand. Eating a balanced diet is far better than popping unnecessary pills and nutritional supplements during exams.

Also, spicy food and anxiety don’t gel well and can cause indigestion and sleepless nights. Sleepless nights deteriorate mental capacity and can be counterproductive. Sound sleep and a healthy diet keep your body and mind in optimal state, and facilitate learning.

Work Hard and Keep Calm

Though studying for long hours may be necessary, take breaks at regular intervals. It improves the ability of the mind to retain information and switch-off for a while. You must have confidence in the hard work that you have put in throughout the year to help you tide through the taxing exam period.

Students are so psyched out during exams that they keep on moving textbook pages, going through a lot and retain nothing. Plan your studies, take breaks, back your abilities and keep calm.

Co-operate, but don’t Compare

It is helpful to learn from your peers to clear your doubts. Teaching others is a good way to learn, as questions from your peers help in clarifying your own concepts. However, don’t compare yourself with others in the process.

Seek Counseling

There are many teachers in colleges who double up as counselors. You can also have a one-one-one chat with your favorite teacher about handling exam pressure. Similarly, you can seek advice from your parents who have been there, done that.

Keep Calm and All The Best!


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