What To Do After Graduation?

What to do after graduation? Seems like a simple question but it is the answer that is difficult. Come April, students in the final year start worrying about prospects post exams. While some enter the unknown confused yet undeterred, some let the pressure overwhelm them. The absence of a concrete plan of action, leads students to grab the first thing that falls in their hands.

Haste Makes Waste

Jumping at the first opportunity without adequate research or the faintest clue about career preferences can be counterproductive. As students, you have spent a good part of our lives competing. It has been grilled into your minds – you snooze, you lose. However, time off from the clutter might do some good.

Explore More

Explore the plethora of options available – from diplomas to internships and jobs. Most of you might have a vague idea about your preferred sector – Finance, Marketing, HR or IT. Once you have the groundwork, put some thought into the type of profile you want. Internships are a good way to get started. Of course, a full-time job is more likely to acquaint you with the finer details.

Learn and Earn

Among the theoretical tools, 6-month diplomas are useful to delve further into the academic side of your field. They not only enhance your skill set but also give you further insight into your desired sector. You can manage studies as well as work by undergoing a part-time course.

Higher Education

Having explored your avenues, you could opt for a Management in Business Administration (MBA). Powered by the gatherings of your work experience, you are more able to choose a specialization for your MBA. A requisite for a successful career, an MBA will expose you to case studies, broaden your scope and equip you with the tools to understand the market dynamics.

Time is a Luxury

Most of the students fall within the 21-23 age bracket during graduation and are just starting out the journey of a successful career. These tender years give you the time to experiment and grow – a luxury which may be difficult few years from now. Spend this time being self-aware; decisions you make today will shape your tomorrow.


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