What to Do this Summer? Holiday or Internship?

Now that the exam fever has subsided, it’s time to take a chill pill. Are you confused about what to do this summer? If so, read on to know how you can make this break more fruitful.

Treat yourself to a trip with family or friends to help you rejuvenate the body and mind. Once you are back, plan your days to enhance your career graph. Opting for an internship in the field of your interest is a great idea. Apart from fortifying your CV, it has the following advantages:

Reinforce your Career Choice

During the two or three months of the internship, you will be able to identify whether you have found the career path you would like to pursue. If so, then you can take the necessary steps involved in getting there. If things aren’t as you expected them to be, then it’s a good thing that you figured it out early in life!

Exposure to Corporate Life

You will get a slice of the corporate world and learn how a professional setting functions. While you may not be rewarded monetarily, the overall experience will definitely be helpful.

Practical Experience

A platform to apply your academics in practice, an internship ensures the theories stay with you for life. Experience is the best teacher!

Developing Skills and Confidence

Hone your existing skills and develop new ones. This is an ideal opportunity to identify your strengths and weaknesses through feedback from superiors in the organization. Right skills and enhanced knowledge boosts self-confidence.


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