AccentureBuild a career in Accenture and deliver consulting, technology and outsourcing expertise to Fortune 500 clients across the most exciting industries of today and tomorrow. Job in Accenture: Making the Future Happen Consulting, technology and outsourcing are all areas that can deliver a solid competitive edge to a business in any industry—from FMCG to banking and everything in between. And in a world that is getting smaller and flatter, it’s all about the competitive edge. Who knows better about competitiveness than today’s youth? Well, it’s slightly more complicated than being the first one to get the snazziest cell phone and the coolest bike, but you get the point!

Company Profile

Accenture’s consulting expertise across a range of functions and industries offers its clients the perfect competitive edge to become more efficient, profitable and sustainable businesses. With its almost 250,000 people, clients in more than 120 countries and revenues of US$25.5 billion in 2011, you could just be dazzled or you could decide that a job in Accenture is what will make you shine. After all, weren’t you always the know-it-all? A career with Accenture means you get to tell the world’s best companies what to do, how to do it and get paid for it!

Why Accenture?

But if you are the demanding, the never-settle-for-less type that Accenture seeks, consider a few more facts about why a job in Accenture can be so rewarding. In 2011, the ET-Great Place To Work Survey ranked Accenture #1 among large employers in India. In the same year, the 2011 - Business Today 'Best Companies to Work For' survey also ranked Accenture in India as the #1 in BPO, #5 among software and IT companies, and #7 overall. And why all those accolades? Because a career at Accenture not only gets you the best pay package in the industry but it also gets you medical insurance, a balanced work-life environment, free transportation to and fro, 24X7 in-house cafeterias and gyms, and a range of other privileges and benefits—all within a secure and highly professional work environment.

Perks and benefits

While you focus on clients, the career experts at Accenture focus on you.  Right from your first day you will undergo the New Joiner Orientation Programme which equips you with all the essentials needed to kick-off your career in Accenture. But that is just the start. Throughout your career, choose from the many ongoing learning and development initiatives, digital classrooms and offsite events to grow as a professional. In 2010, Accenture invested approximately US$600 million in training and nurturing the professional development of its people. On an average, each employee receives about 67 hours of training and development. Yes, that’s what “earning while you learn” is all about.

Work culture

Impressed? Here’s more. The Accenture work culture is all about variety, learning, teamwork and growth. Your focus on delivering innovative and proven solutions helps Accenture clients become high-performance businesses. And while changing the world of business, a job in Accenture also allows you to change the world by participating in Accenture’s community programmes, social initiatives and philosophy of corporate governance.

Job profiles

Want to be a part of this dream team? Choose from over 2,000 open profiles available across India in various functions. Some current openings include:
  • Siebel configuration professionals
  • HR representative
  • Oil & gas analyst
  • Insurance analyst
  • Web analytics expert
  • Oracle professionals
  • SAP professionals

Get started

The selection process for a job in Accenture involves an online application followed by a personal competency interview if you are shortlisted. Sounds simple enough! So get started at and make the world a more competitive place.