Alcatel Lucent A career in Alcatel-Lucent means working with one of the most advanced telecommunications companies in the world and a chance to add to their 27,900 futuristic technology patents.

Career in Alcatel-Lucent: Give Your Career the Power of Technology 

Telecommunications today is not what it used to be even an hour ago, forget yesterday! It is an environment of radical adaptation to new realities, new demands and new business models. If rapid change and adaptation excites you, then a career in the global telecommunications industry will feel like fun and games to you.

Company profile

Would you trust the transformation partner trusted by Fortune 500 enterprises and governments around the world with your career? We thought so. If a career in telecoms is what lights up your light, then you should look no further than Alcatel-Lucent, a global telecom player with operations in over 130 countries, revenues of Euro 15.3 billion in 2011, and over 70,000 inspired people equally crazy about the idea of a seamlessly connected world.

Why Alcatel-Lucent?

There is no doubt that every company today needs to move with speed and agility. But Alcatel-Lucent is not just adapting with the industry; it is actively helping to spark its transformation. Like all great innovators, Alcatel-Lucent invests over Euro 2.5 billion in research and development—it has a portfolio of more than 27,900 active patents spanning a vast array of technologies to show for it. Some of its Bell Labs researchers have even won Nobel Prizes for their work in technology. If your idea of communications technology goes beyond hacking into your neighbour’s wi-fi connection, then you are getting our drift: a career in Alcatel- Lucent is for young professionals who are up to the challenge of creating a truly connected world.

Perks and benefits

What is the biggest advantage of working with one of the most technologically advanced companies in the world? Its tele-working equipment and technology lets you keep your work schedule flexible and maintain a good work/life balance! The Alcatel-Lucent University offers innovative learning and development opportunities that are as inspiring for their futuristic look as for the content. Part of your career progression plan at Alcatel-Lucent is a tailor-made learning and development plan based on your unique needs, interests and abilities. And no, that doesn’t include a pilot’s learning license or a training session with Manchester United!

Work culture

Mobility is a necessity at Alcatel-Lucent. Just like the mobile communications products and services they create, the people too are encouraged to keep moving between functions and geographies. A job in Alcatel-Lucent is a cause for pride at many levels. But the best is the bragging rights you earn by working for a company whose cornerstone is high-tech. Imagine the potential to show off with your worldwide remote system access, or individual conference call bridge that lets you set up multi-party global calls at a moment’s notice. 

Get started

Ready to connect the world with your contribution to communications technology? Sign up for a career with Alcatel-Lucent at today. Remember, in technology, everything may change by tomorrow!