Anand Rathi If making money for clients excites you as much as making money for yourself, a career at Anand Rathi is a chance to learn from the pros.

Job in Anand Rathi: Make Money and Your Career Grow

What is the single most important thing in the world? Apart from love and faith and all those wonderful emotions, of course it’s money. Money makes the world go round and companies that deal with making money are at the front of that race. So wouldn’t a career in finance be the right place for someone who wants to rule the world?

Company profile

The Anand Rathi Group is a leading, growth focused full-service investment bank. Its focus is not just on making the rich richer but enabling small and mid-sized companies grow and blossom. The modus operandi at Anand Rathi is simple: great investment ideas backed by research; executed by experienced and sector-focused investment bankers; and supported with ready access to global capital, all of which make clients wealthier. And while you may be a long way off from needing its private wealth management services, you could still build a career in Anand Rathi. Maybe one day you will manage the investments of your favourite industrialists, sportspersons and movie stars. 

Why Anand Rathi?

The philosophy at Anand Rathi is that each individual and each enterprise is unique and needs individual investment and wealth management solutions. Unlike the free advice you once doled out to your mates in the college canteen, a career in Anand Rathi will prepare you to root all your recommendations on solid research, expertise and years of first-hand experience in managing wealth across sectors and opportunities. Anand Rathi’s economic research team has been ranked among the top 20 in Asia by Institutional Investor and is one among only two teams from India to feature in this list.

Work culture

Clients don’t believe in legal entities or organisations. They believe in people. Thus, at Anand Rathi, the power of people is the foremost strategic tool to win clients’ trust and guide them through a long-term wealth management partnership. In other words, people are the core of Anand Rathi’s business philosophy and strategy. Two terms that define their culture are entrepreneurial instinct and result-orientated. This ensures a complete meritocracy in career progression—so you can put away those character certificates and letters of referrals from your uncle in the ministry. Every job at Anand Rathi is attached to its own development plan, so you know how your career will progress, assuming you can deliver the results of course. 

Job profiles

Current opportunities at Anand Rathi range from jobs in private wealth management, information technology, commodities trading and internet trading. They include:

  • Assistant relationship manager – commodities
  • Research analyst – commodities
  • Tele sales officer – internet trading
  • Software developer – information technology
  • Manager - IT

Get started

Like everything else with Anand Rathi, applying for a job is simple, transparent and straight forward. Go online to, browse through the various positions available and upload your résumé. And while you wait for a response, practise your future advisory role by referring the site to your friends and recommending a career in Anand Rathi.