Asian Paints

A job in Asian Paints, India’s largest paints company, means a colourful career, a creative lifestyle and a global canvas.

 Job in Asian Paints: A Colourful Way to Begin Your Career

There was a time when painting your house meant a smelly, messy exercise that went on for weeks. It meant dealing with an unprofessional semi-skilled painter who spattered specs of paint on your mothers’ expensive carpet, and a choice of colours that would make a patch of mud look colourful. Asian Paints changed all that forever. Driven by its commitment to the consumer and the spirit of innovation, Asian Paints was founded in 1945 and it took over market leadership by 1968. The company has successfully maintained that leadership. It has grown consistently and today Asian Paints is double the size of any other paint company in India. 

Company profile

With a turnover of Rs. 96.32 billion, Asian Paints is acknowledged by the corporate world as a thoroughly professional company that builds shareholder equity. With 24 manufacturing facilities around the world, 17 countries of operation and consumers in over 65 countries, you will never be short of challenges and opportunities in your career with Asian Paints. 

Why Asian Paints?

When Forbes Magazine picked Asian Paints for its ‘Asia's Fab 50 List’ of companies two years running (2011 and 2012), it was recognising the company’s product and consumer expertise. When the Asian Centre for Corporate Governance & Sustainability gave it the Best Governed Company - 2011 award, it was for Asian Paints’ commitment to the environment and sustainability by minimising waste and conserving precious resources. You, of course, know all about scarce resources and how to make them last longer from your days at college so a job in Asian Paints is the perfect starting point to build on your strengths!

Perks and benefits

If the joy and glamour of working for one of India’s fastest growing, progressive and profitable companies is not enough for you, then Asian Paints also offers a liberating, independent work environment, a range of benefits and conveniences in-campus, and a chance to participate in the exciting campus LEAP programme that is based on three core principles at Asian Paints—learning, relationships and contribution.

Work culture

A job in Asian Paints may mean a career full of opportunities but it also means you need to stand out among a talent pool of over 4,700 experts across 23 countries. Each of these experts has been handpicked to help Asian Paints become bigger, better and stronger. You will enjoy the open and interactive work culture and the complete freedom to experiment with work-related challenges at the workplace. 

Job profiles

Asian Paints is looking for fresh graduates and management trainees in all their functional areas including: 

  • Commercial
  • Information technology
  • Engineering services
  • Sales and marketing
  • Supply chain management
  • Human resources 

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