Axis Bank

A job in Axis Bank sets you up for a long-term banking career with a difference. Here is your chance to get in the driver’s seat.

Job in Axis Bank: Making Banking Easy, Cool and Fun

The banking industry is traditionally dominated by seasoned players who have done what they do for generations. So it is not surprising when the thought of a career in banking brings to mind all the clichés about charcoal grey suits, stiff upper lips and the faint sound of classical music in the background. Right? Wrong. Those were the days your parents had to suffer. Today’s modern banks are trying to do the impossible: make banking easy and fun. And of the many hip, new-age banks in the fray, Axis Banks is among the coolest. Which means a career in Axis Bank could make you one of the coolest people in town. And you thought the only way to do that was to pretend to play the guitar!

Company profile

Not too many 18-year olds can boast of the awards, network and turnover that Axis Bank can. Started in 1994 and already voted Bank of the Year by The Banker Magazine among many other awards in a similar vein from around the world, Axis Bank has come a long way in a very short time. Doesn’t that sound a lot like the way you’d like your career to pan out? 

Why Axis Bank?

Consider these facts:
  • Over1600 branches and 10,000 ATMs – among the largest networks in India
  • Promoted by UTI – the largest and best financial institution in the country
  • An integrated portfolio of financial products to meet every consumer need
  • Thousands of driven, intelligent people striving to keep the bank ahead of the pack
  • And you, with your dream of working for a large, reputed organisation that combines the wisdom of experience with the excitement of youth. Sounds like a match.

Work culture

Axis Bank believes that empowered people can help the bank climb great heights. Along with the core values of customer centricity, ethics, transparency, teamwork and ownership, Axis Bank has managed to create an environment that is both safe and challenging at the same time. It is not surprising that Axis Bank enjoys among the lowest rates of employee turnover. Have fun getting to know the diverse pool of employees. Be secure and confident with the transparent HRD policies. 

Perks and benefits

Make the most of the bank’s attractive compensation packages. Enjoy other privileges such as leased housing facilities, loan options, and health and medical insurance. And the cherry on the cake is a chance to go back to school with the Axis Bank Young Banker's Program in association with Manipal Global Education Services. Your job in Axis Bank means a banking career designed for the long haul. 

Job profiles

Thrill seekers will find something they like among the many functional areas that Axis Bank typically hires for: 

  • Branch and general banking
  • Specialised financial services (credit, treasury, merchant banking, etc.)
  • Institutional and retail marketing
  • Information technology

 Get started

Just log onto the website and start surfing the recruitment pages for the openings of your choice. Search can be based on location, function and level.