A career in Allianz Bajaj Insurance is your chance to be the hero in the Indian insurance revolution: lead the industry as it grows and evolves.

A Career in Bajaj Allianz: Get the Best of Both Worlds

You know that insurance is a commonly advertised product on every TV screen and billboard. You know that you can go online, get comparative quotes and choose the best solution for your family at the click of a mouse. What you probably don’t know is that every revolution needs a hero and in the case of the Indian insurance industry, Bajaj Allianz was one of the earliest heroes. 

 Company profile

With its stated mission to ‘be the best life insurance company in India to buy from, work for and invest in’, Bajaj Allianz is committed to all its stakeholders. And your interests, as a potential employee of Bajaj Allianz, are at the centre of that mission. So that you, as they say in the Bajaj Allianz jingle, can ‘jiyo befikar’.

 Why Bajaj Allianz?

With almost INR 400 billion of assets under its management, over 1000 offices across India, and a claim settlement ratio of over 93%, Bajaj Allianz is one of the most successful 12-year olds around. Jobs in Bajaj Allianz offer you the opportunity to help redefine the way Indian families insure themselves. To set you up for future leadership roles, Bajaj Allianz offers young management trainees a chance to undergo the ‘LEAP’ programme. During your career in Allianz Bajaj, you will have several opportunities to change course and try new functions through the company’s internal job postings (IJP’s). Give your career the best of both worlds – the global Allianz experience and the traditional Bajaj values.

Work culture

If you land a job in Bajaj Allianz, you will find the company investing both knowledge and compensation in your career. You are sure to feel empowered enough to work with an experimental mindset. The work culture at Bajaj Allianz encourages free and open exchange of ideas and strives to be dynamic and non-bureaucratic. This benefits the customer as much as you. Decision making is faster and smoother in a decentralised structure – so ultimately the customer gets served faster and better. And no, making a ‘quick decision’ to install an Xbox 360 in your cubicle is considered neither a customer service-enabling move nor a career-enhancing move.

Job profiles

Choose from openings in Bajaj Allianz General Insurance as well as Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance. Typical roles include:

  • Relationship managers – junior and senior
  • Training managers – junior and senior
  • Account managers
  • Operations managers
  • Sales managers
  • Telesales executives
  • Senior executives – agency business development

Get started

Applying is easy – just log onto and follow the links to jobs in Bajaj Allianz General Insurance or Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance. Apart from the career portal, Bajaj Allianz also has a referral program for existing employees. So get your address books out, check which of your friends are already working for Bajaj Allianz and send them some cookies, now!