A career in Bank of India gives you two once-in-a-lifetime opportunities: to be a star in ‘India’s star’ and to help build our nation’s banking sector!

Career in Bank of India: Helping the Nation Grow 

Banking today is rarely associated with altruism, charity or development of backward or underserved constituents. It is a cut-throat, dog-eat-dog industry and if you aren’t living on the edge, then you are taking up too much space. However, many years ago, a bank was founded on the values of altruism with a zeal for national development. It also nurtured a desire to grow exponentially by serving every strata of society and customer group with equal passion. We are talking about the Bank of India – also known as the Star of India!

Company profile

Bank of India is older than - take a guess - older than free India herself! Standing tall at over 100 years, this bank was founded in Mumbai in 1906 and nationalised in 1969. You may be tempted to think that Bank of India is a dinosaur with outdated notions of service and business. But the facts below prove otherwise.

Why Bank of India

The Bank of India has 4038 branches in India located across every state and union territory. Bank of India was the first Indian bank to open an overseas branch—at London in 1946. It was also the first Indian bank to open a European branch at Paris in 1974. Yes, way before you ever saw the inside of an aeroplane. Today, the Bank of India has 29 international branches at significant banking and financial centres including London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Hong-Kong and Singapore. The international business alone accounts for almost 20% of Bank of India’s total business. And if you thought it may be behind in technology, then you should know that its first fully computerised branch and ATM facility was established in Mumbai way back in 1989. Surprised? What it means to you is simple. A job with Bank of India not only gives you the solid backing of a great institution but also the opportunity to innovate and set trends.

Work culture

The Bank of India is old world in its values and traditions. In these times of uncertainty, that is considered a huge bonus by customers including ordinary folks and small investors like you and me. These values have mandated that all employees of Bank of India follow a strict code of conduct from the top down. Apart from that, as it is a nationalised institution, it also drives a culture of social development and community gain in all its endeavours.

Job profiles

Typical entry profiles at the Bank of India include:

  • General banking officers
  • Clerks
  • Accountants
  • Administration professionals
  • IT specialists
  • Finance and economics specialists

Get started

Bank of India recruits through government examinations held in each state. Look out for relevant advertisements and notices in newspapers and trade publications. You can also find details about current recruitment drives across all regions and states on the bank website at