‘The Chola Way’ is the way to discover the immense opportunity of this land called India. Join the quest with an exciting banking and finance career in Cholamandalam.

Job in Cholamandalam: Making a Global Impact the Indian Way

The financial services industry is crowded by international behemoths that control the global markets but India, as we all know, is another kettle of fish. It’s different. And businesses here need a different approach to succeed, especially one as sensitive as finance. That is why Cholamandalam, part of the home-grown USD 4.4 billion Murugappa group, is the right place to capture the vast opportunity called India.

Company profile

Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Ltd (CIFCL) started operations in 1978 to help Indians achieve financial freedom and explore their dreams. In other words, CIFCL made the purchase of assets possible with asset financing services for corporate and retail customers. Today, CIFCL is a large financial services provider that offers a comprehensive portfolio of stock broking, mutual fund and investment advisory services, apart from their mainstay of vehicle finance, business finance and home equity loans.

Why Cholamandalam?

If you like the idea of thinking global and acting local, then a career in Cholamandalam gives you the chance to be the ‘glocal’ citizen of your dreams. Scores of employees from Cholamandalam will tell you that their ‘real India’ stories and experiences have made them more innovative, sensitive, ethical and empathetic to the needs of diverse customers. Cholamandalam is part of the Murugappa Group, which means you also have opportunities across other business lines in this conglomerate – from Parry’s confectionaries to TI cycles. It’s yours for the taking.

Work culture

Choose a job across one of Cholamandalam’s many lines of business, or across its 344 branches around India. With a culture that encourages cross-business and cross-function movements, your wanderlust and desire to stand out of the crowd can find new opportunities every day.  All you have to do is ensure your customers get the best value, and yes – that you enjoy what you do!

Job profiles

Cholamandalam seeks professionals at all levels across its various finance service lines, from home equity and vehicle loans to corporate services.  Typical roles include:
  • Sales managers
  • Credit managers
  • Software and IT professionals
  • Legal professionals
  • Auditors

Get started

The process of applying for a job in Cholamandalam is as simple and straightforward as applying for a home or vehicle loan! Just log onto the website at and search for a profile that interests you. Upload your résumé and wait for the phone to ring!