Banking 2.0 careers are for the strong-willed and ambitious at Citibank. Deliver simple solutions to complex problems, around the world, everyday, in true Citibank style.

Job in Citibank: Growth Engine Redefined

When you think finance, what are the first words that come to your mind? Complex, opaque, numerical. And yet, Citibank - or Citi - strives to deliver financial solutions that are simple, creative and responsible. How is that possible? If you had 200 million customer accounts in over 160 countries and 1 singular vision, you’d get the hang of it soon enough too!

Company profile

Citi offers consumers, governments, corporations and institutions with a wide range of financial services and products, including corporate and investment banking, consumer banking and credit, securities brokerage, wealth management and transaction services. This may sound like rocket science to you, but for the management and shareholders of Citigroup, it’s generated over USD 18 billion in revenues. And now, with a job in Citi, you have a chance to be a part of that growth engine.

Why Citibank?

One of the best industries to join in today’s emerging economies – India included of course – is banking and finance. This is because the volumes are huge and the need for organised banking and finance services is great. To you—a young professional embarking on a career in banking—this means one thing: opportunity. And it won’t knock twice. Citi’s strategic vision is to build a strong presence in emerging markets. To do that, it needs the best people in the business. You just happen to be in India, the world’s foremost emerging market, searching for a fresh break in your career. Do you hear opportunity knocking now?

Perks and benefits

Citi takes diversity very seriously. Its official Diversity Council measures and rates managers against the diversity and workforce development plans. That means your interests are always protected and you are judged on merit alone.

Work culture

Each professional who makes it to the Citi family is considered the best at what he or she does. In particular, young professionals are given the best possible training to ensure they are able to optimize their personal and professional potential. A job in Citi is the perfect launch pad to thrive in the diverse, competitive and challenging banking industry. But it’s a launch pad you will want to stay with. Citi takes great care to retain its people. It provides them benefits like healthcare, flexible roles, and opportunities to take sabbaticals to further one’s passions or interests outside of work.

Job profiles

Citi is always on the lookout for talented and qualified people across its many functions at all levels. Citi also offers internships for students from premier post-graduate programmes. Typical job profiles at Citi include:
  • Consumer and retail banking
  • Finance and banking professionals
  • Sales and marketing professionals
  • Analysts
  • Research and MIS professionals
  • Administration and operations specialists
  • Human resources professionals

Get started

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