A career in Colgate Palmolive, the leader in the consumer goods market, takes you on a global mission to make people’s everyday lives more convenient, healthy and smile-worthy.

Job in Colgate Palmolive: When Work Makes you Smile

You don’t need a job in Colgate to know that its toothpaste is an indispensible start to your day, everyday. However, working for one of the world’s biggest FMCG companies would be a good reason to smile indeed.

Company profile

If starting your life and career from ground zero seems like an uphill task, you can take heart from the fact that all great endings have small, humble beginnings. Nothing proves this more than the story of the Colgate Palmolive Company. Started in the early 19th century as a small soap and candle business, Colgate Palmolive is today—over 200 years later—a global multinational serving the personal care, grooming and homecare needs of hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide. When William Colgate decided to set up shop in New York all those years ago, he couldn’t have imagined the destiny of greatness that awaited him and his small business.

Why Colgate Palmolive?

A job in Colgate Palmolive assures you of an opportunity to grow as a professional within a global organisation that is committed to your smile. In fact, it is not just your smile. In 2011, the Guinness Book of World Records awarded Colgate Palmolive an entry for conducting the highest number of dental check-ups in one day—66, 322 children across India! That is 66,322 healthier and happier smiles. It is this combination of doing business and doing good that recently led Fortune magazine to name Colgate Palmolive as one of India’s most admired companies.

Perks and benefits

A career in Colgate is considered similar to going to business school. Some even think it is like going to CEO school. You will be groomed from day 1 to become anything you want to become, and everything you have the potential to become. Colgate is very generous with its investments in training and development, and combines practical learning, classroom training, innovation and global sharing of best practices among its people across the world.

Work culture

At Colgate Palmolive, results matter and only excellence is rewarded. Colgate’s “pay for performance” approach means you need to get those customers smiling, or else! In other words, miles of smiles means you make more money. If you do not deliver, you may still be smiling, but it won’t be because of your pay cheque.

Job profiles

Colgate offers jobs at all levels and across all functions. It also runs a very popular campus recruitment program. Some of the typical roles are:
  • Training and development professionals
  • Sales professionals at all levels
  • Marketing and communication managers
  • Finance, administrative and accounts professionals
  • Operations and supply chain domain specialists
  • Manufacturing and plant executives

Get started

Want a career that can make you and millions of others smile? The path is uncomplicated but challenging. If your online application at makes the cut, then get ready for a preliminary assessment involving a functional competency interview. Get through to the final interview and you will face a set of functional heads for a curtain call, and a panel of doctors for a medical fitness examination. After all, smiling constantly does require strong muscles!