Credit Suisse offers young professionals a chance to work with the world’s best private bank. It’s your chance to work with the best in the business, including Roger Federer!

Job in Credit Suisse: A Global Stage for Your Unique Talents

Remember when everyone wanted to be a doctor or an engineer? And you never did? That is probably because you have been born into a time (and economy) when it’s cooler to be an investment banker. Or a private wealth manager. Or an asset manager. A job in Credit Suisse lets you be all three.

Company profile

Credit Suisse, as the name suggests, originates from the cool mountains of Switzerland. However, at Credit Suisse, expect a scorching hot career with one of the world’s leading private and investment banking firms. Euromoney Magazine has named Credit Suisse the world’s Best Private Bank 2012, need we say more?

Why Credit Suisse?

If you consider yourself a perfectionist like the Swiss, you probably expect more. Credit Suisse will not disappoint you. We could tell you all about the global spread of Credit Suisse—about the more than 100 offices around the world, or the powerful role it plays in global economic forums and policymaking. We could even tell you about its social responsibility initiatives or high-profile clientele. However, we thought we would pull out the coolest ace. Roger Federer. Credit Suisse’s brand ambassador and long-term associate. And when you get a job in Credit Suisse, he would be a potential colleague!

Perks and benefits

Credit Suisse encourages an entrepreneurial approach to work where you are expected to ask tough questions. And find the answers too, of course. To make your career challenges smoother, you can access a range of benefits including:
  • Training and development, mentoring and learning programmes while you work
  • Competitive salaries, flexible work schedules and job-sharing opportunities
  • Family-focused programs: maternity, paternity and adoption leave, child services, health and medical insurance
  • A focus on work/life balance especially during personal/professional life events
  • An opportunity to take a 3-month paid sabbatical for personal or professional reasons

Work culture

Credit Suisse’s “integrated model” powers its business strategy as well as its work culture. Global finance is a demanding, high-performance industry. A job with Credit Suisse will need all your reserves of professionalism, innovation, determination and drive. But it will also need your social and networking skills, ability to work in a team, and a client- focused approach. As Roger would say, for a job in Credit Suisse, bring your game face.

Job profiles

No matter what your qualification or domain, Credit Suisse looks for open-minded critical thinkers and leaders. Typical job profiles include:
  • Banking technology specialists
  • Financial and business analysts
  • Investment bankers
  • Project managers
  • Relationship managers
  • Support staff managers including marketing, communications, HR, administration and IT
  • Researchers and MIS specialists

Get started

Credit Suisse has fixed schedules for various full-time, internship and graduate programmes. Find your local schedules at All applications must be made online, and you can track your application at all times until the process is complete.