With its Indian ethos and its exposure to global retail, the Future Group is rewriting retail history in the world’s fastest-growing economy. Come be part of the revolution!

Job in Future Group: Rewrite the Future, Retain the Values

Unless you live under a very large rock, you could not possibly have missed the amazing retail revolution taking the country by storm. Indians today are shopping in ways that previous generations could only dream of or see in western films. With the recent FDI announcement by the government, the fate of modern retail is only heading north. And that means a lot more employment opportunities in this booming industry.

Company profile

With over 17 million square feet of retail space in India, the Future Group spans 93 cities and 60 rural locations. That translates to over 300 million customers walking through the doors everyday and over 30,000 small local suppliers being assured of business. The Future Group believes the time for the ‘Great Indian Dream’ is here. By default, you are a part of that dream. So why not help shape it?

Why Future Group?

A job with the Future Group means you can help India shop, save and succeed. Better choices and bigger savings mean people can better achieve their dreams and aspirations of a better life. And that is over and above the fact that you get to spend all day in a mall, and get paid for it! Future Group has won innumerable ‘Retailer of the Year’ awards in categories across food, clothing and consumer durables. For a 25-year old, the Future Group is in an enviable leadership position because it was among the first entrants in this space.

Perks and benefits

If you think a career in Future Group will demand innovativeness and creativity from you, you are right. But the company leadership puts its money where its mouth is. You can tell by the inventiveness of its employee benefit programmes. Take a look:
  • Happiness Index Programme: A priority initiative to build a culture of conversations among employees.
  • Shishya: To develop and enhance skills and knowledge through various educational and learning programs.
  • Seekho: Consistent performers can fast-track their career growth by completing their higher education (MBA) in the retail domain.
  • Suprabhat: A residential program that combines the timeless wisdom of guided meditation and power breathing with contemporary management practices to better understand the nature of the mind.

Work culture

Retail is a 100% people driven business and that means your career with any of the Future Group companies will take you directly into the world of the Indian shopper and consumer. In a Future Group career, you are expected to know this world inside out if you plan to shine in this meritocracy.

Job profiles

The job profiles at Future Group are as diverse as the people and culture of India. At all levels, typical roles include:
  • Operations, logistics and supply chain specialists
  • Retail management domain experts
  • Shop managers, customer service executives and sales representatives
  • Business development managers
  • Marketing, branding and communications professionals
  • Legal advisors
  • Finance and accounts professionals
  • Strategy and corporate domain experts

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