A career in Genpact is your chance to be at the leading edge of the Business Process Outsourcing and Management industry. Join the leader and be groomed to lead.

Career in Genpact: Powering the Intelligent Enterprise

The business process outsourcing (BPO) industry gave new meaning to the term ‘emerging middle class’ in India with young college graduates making more money in a month than their parents’ in government service did in a year! Perhaps you experienced working for a call centre or a back office processing outfit during your college days too. But there is a vast difference between working in just any call centre and working in Genpact – the world’s foremost business process management company.

Company profile

Just 14 years old, Genpact employs more than 55,000 people, manages over 4,500 processes for over 600 clients and rings up revenues close to USD 2 billion. It started as a captive business processing unit for GE, went independent in 2005 and began taking on outside business, and now operates as an independent profitable entity. A shining example to inspire you to finally move out of your parents’ house!

Why Genpact?

The Genpact difference lies in its strong focus on business outcomes because of improved process efficiencies and effective leveraging of technology. This is the secret behind GE’s super-quick success story. But there is another secret. It’s people. Genpact has among the lowest people turnover rates in the BPO industry as well as the broader industry. This is simply because Genpact is a great place to work.  This is why Genpact has remained NASSCOM’s No. 1 ITeS-BPO Company in India for the last seven years: from2005 to 2011. And this is why a job in Genpact – and not the new iPhone 5 – should be the first item in your must-have list!

Perks and benefits

Genpact believes that when its people are happy, focussed and well-equipped, they grow. When people grow, Genpact grows. It has several people initiatives ranging from diversity and inclusion to special development programmes for women across all levels of the organisation. It also runs special learn-while-you-earn programmes for higher education of its staff and leadership development programmes for middle managers to blossom into senior leaders.

Work culture

During your career at Genpact, you are expected you to transform the organisation and the industry for the better.  But Genpact also knows that first it must transform you into a lean, professional machine who can maintain the culture of excellence at Genpact. Pride, belonging, a sense of ownership, a culture of excellence, and high levels of integrity—all these cornerstones of Genpact’s work culture foster continuous process improvement and learning across the length and breadth of the team.

Job profiles

Typical business processing management roles are always available across all levels at Genpact including:
  • Customer service executives – front and backend
  • Back-office data and voice processing executives
  • MIS and accounts executives
  • Professionals with BPO/ITeS/KPO/Customer Service and Technical support experience

Get started

Log onto and submit your details to the HR team at Genpact. They will examine your resume and decide which team best matches your profile. Once your CV has been routed to the right team, you will have to follow the selection process specific to that team. You can also follow regular updates of jobs available across print and digital media platforms. Good luck!