A career in Google means a chance to work on the world’s most powerful online search engine. So much so that Google has become synonymous with ‘search’ in any language across the world.

Job in Google: Managing the World’s Information

It’s not often that brands become generic words for something. Staples. Xerox. In this generation, that brand is Google. Admit it, how many times have you told your parents ‘just Google it!’ when they’ve asked you about something? How many times have you wished you had Google to find stuff during your exams? And how many times have you ‘Googled yourself’ or worse, someone else!? Since Google is already such a huge part of your life, why not get paid to help the world Google better? Yes, we are talking about a job in Google. 

Company profile

Founded in 1998, Google is probably the world’s most important 14-year old. In its short existence, it has changed our world significantly. Yes, Google is synonymous with search. But it is also a lot more than that. It is about empowering small businesses with the Adwords advertising platform. It’s about changing the way the world watches video with YouTube. It’s about exploring our world virtually with Google Earth. It’s about the open-access mobile platform Android. It’s about Gmail and Gchat, which need no explanation. And now it’s about Google+, probably the only social networking platform that can challenge the hegemony of Facebook. And we know you like challengers.

Why Google?

If a chance to work on all those amazing applications and platforms mentioned above aren’t compelling enough, then in Google’s own words, a career in Google lets you ‘do cool things that matter’. With 70 offices in more than 40 countries, there is definitely a Google desk waiting for you somewhere. And as far as the working environment goes, Google was voted the ‘Best Company to Work For – India’ in both 2010 and 2011 by the Great Place to Work Institute. 

Perks and benefits

Apart from the best pay scales in the industry, a job in Google guarantees you the most awesome office to work in. Gym, cafe, sleep-room, door to door pick-up and drop-off service are among the many facilities laid out for your comfort. And if you think a job in Google is all work and no play, then you should know that Googlers play foosball, pool, chess and cricket on campus, celebrate all festivals, go for exciting off-site programmes to exotic locations around the world and everything else they need to be inspired to do cool things that can change the world.

Work culture

Googlers are innovative, fun, enthusiastic, and experts at what they do—whether it’s coming up with a new doodle for the Google homepage or building futuristic search and engineering technologies. A Google career means an awesome work environment and a sense of pride working for a close-knit team that demands your best and expects 100%. 

Job profiles

At its core, Google is an engineering products company, so naturally it’s always hiring experienced and fresh engineers from all streams. Other possible roles include:

  • Project support staf
  • Operations management professionals
  • Sales and marketing professionals
  • Customer support team members
  • Business strategy executives
  • Operations executives

Get started

Hiring for jobs in Google happens a bit differently. While Google does have interviews, they are different from your regular interviews. Google strongly recommends you familiarise yourself with the hiring process and requirements before making an application. Where? Just Google it of course, at!