A job in HCL lets you live your dream of a career in technology with a company that puts you, the employee, first. Yes, even before customers. Job in HCL: Get the Future Technology DNA They say that in the technology industry, only one thing is certain. That nothing is certain. Things change by the minute. But thanks to one Indian technology company, you can be sure of another thing. That keeping pace with change is a company known for its uncanny knack of embracing change with excellence. HCL. Company profile Just 35 years old, HCL is already a US$ 6.2 billion dollar enterprise. It is, in its own words, one of India’s ‘original garage start-ups’. With 91,000 people across 31 nations, you have a strong team to back you. With its massive portfolio of technology and enterprise solutions across hardware and software, a job in HCL gives you a great choice of things to do. And with its rich legacy, you have your badge of honour already. HCL single-handedly revolutionised the Indian computer industry when it developed its first indigenous micro-computer way back in 1978—the same time as Apple and three years ahead of IBM. It is the largest selling PC brand in India today. It also runs Ireland’s largest BPO and designs zero-visibility landing software for large aircraft. How's that for managing variety with excellence? Why HCL? And who doesn’t know Mr.HCL? He is smart, clever and charming. He tells you how to get the girl, he tells you how to fix your car, and even how to rescue yourself from a deserted island. All this while solving your technology challenges without a hitch!! Sounds like an amazing guy. Did you say he sounds just like you? Then apply for a job in HCL and you can be Mr.HCL. Are you game? Perks and benefits Long before it became fashionable for companies to talk about people power and the strategic importance of employees, HCL pioneered the ‘Employee First’ culture. It was a DNA-level shift in approach to business—it put the needs of the employees even before the needs of the customer, as the employee was key to winning the customer. It is an approach which has won it much high-value business over the years, as well as a case study at the Harvard Business School! A career in HCL brings with it, apart from all the benefits and privileges which are almost par for the course today, a focus on the optimisation of your personal potential, rather than on monitoring your performance alone. Work culture The 5-faceted Employee First approach ensures you will get all the necessary knowledge, empowerment, tools, training and freedom. Be ready for a transparent work culture where what you see is what you get. Job profiles HCL has two major companies under which all roles are hired. HCL Infosystems and HCL Technologies. You can apply to a variety of roles at either. Typical profiles include:
  • Hardware engineers
  • Networking professionals
  • Sales and account managers
  • Retail sales managers
  • Professionals from all engineering streams including software and IT engineers
  • BPO professionals
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