If you dream of an adrenaline fuelled career full of action, adventure and speed, aspire to build a career in Hero Motocorp – the world’s largest motorbike manufacturer.

Job in Hero: Giving Wings to Mobility Across India

India is among the largest markets for bikes today. And that isn’t going to change as long as people like you are always hankering after that cool new bike that just rolled into your neighbour’s garage. Owning a bike is still the uber-cool definition of freedom. When coupled with affordability and fuel-efficiency, it’s easy to see why India buys millions of two-wheelers every year. If you like the idea of selling people freedom, then consider a job in Hero Motocorp, India’s largest two-wheeler company.

Company profile

Having manufactured over 25 million units of bikes over the last few decades, Hero Motocorp rightfully owns about a 50% share of Indian roads today. With its fast-selling models like the Classic CD 100, the funky Passion, the iconic Splendour and Karizma, the Hero portfolio is enviable. In fact, Splendour is India’s highest selling bike. If you love riding, chances are your first ride was on a Hero. A career in Hero gives you the chance to define the journey of the company that makes millions of journeys possible in India every day.

Why Hero?

Half the bikes you see on the road bear the same logo as your business card. You work with the company to design, develop, test, market and sell some of the most good-looking, fuel-efficient, technically advanced and exciting motorbikes ever. Your bikes are among the most environmentally friendly bikes in the world. Your company is the largest two-wheeler maker in the world. And most importantly, you get to ride home the latest gleaming beauty before your neighbour even realises it’s been launched. Now, if that isn’t a great reason to strive for a career in Hero, we don’t know what is!

Apart from the obvious, a job in Hero also entitles you to one of the most competitive industry pay scales, healthcare and benefits, on-campus dining and a host of great employee community initiatives including training, off site programmes, and leisure activities.

Work culture

Hero is one of those made-in-India companies with a truly Indian heart and a global mind. It is a progressive, innovative place to work, and if you dare to dream big, your innovations could actually become a reality. Always wanted to suggest that bikes should come pre-fitted with beer can holders? A job in Hero will give you a platform to share your wildest ideas, but don’t blame us if you end up with neither at the end!

Job profiles

Hero is the largest bike maker in the world, and the demand for two-wheelers is on the rise everywhere. So the company is constantly on the lookout for people across jobs and levels. Some popular roles include:

  • Automobile engineers
  • Software engineers
  • Sales professionals
  • Corporate and marketing executives
  • Customer care managers

Get started

Log onto and ride into a great career in Hero. Also, keep an eye out for advertisements in the major recruitment websites and newspapers, which are updated with the latest open positions.