Your career in Hindalco, the metals company, is set up for success with a combination of pedigree, world-class manufacturing technology and innovative projects to sink your teeth into.

Job in Hindalco: Making The World More Convenient

All that shines is not necessarily silver or gold. Thanks to Hindalco, most of the things that you see shining around you are bound to be aluminium and copper! But it’s not just all shine—these are hard working metals that are used extensively in everything from housing to mobile phones to the foil in which your mom wraps your lunch every day. Welcome to Hindalco, the largest aluminium rolling company in the world.

Company profile

Hindalco is among the top five aluminium producers in the world. With a turnover of US$ 15.85 billion, it is a member of the exclusive Fortune 500 club. It is one of the largest primary producers of aluminium in Asia; the largest copper smelter in the world; millions of applications of its copper and aluminium in our daily-used life products; and innumerable awards for manufacturing excellence, sustainability and community development. Present in 5 continents and over 50 countries., a career in Hindalco gives you credibility, distinction and the solid backing of Hindalco’s parent group, the Aditya Birla Group.

Why Hindalco?

‘The Best Employer in India and among the top 20 in Asia‘ was how Hindalco rated in the Hewitt-Economic Times and Wall Street Journal Study 2007. ‘An amazing place to work’ is how your colleagues would describe it. ‘A great vendor’ is how customers perceive it. ‘Total value for shareholders’ is how the owners think of it. Hindalco’s pedigree is by far among the most impeccable in the corporate sector. A job in Hindalco at the early stages of your career will not only cement your appetite for excellence, it will also open up a world of opportunities within the vast Aditya Birla Group conglomerate. So you can now be known for more than just winning the local gully-cricket championship!

Work culture

Hindalco is a progressive, global and forward-looking enterprise, open to embracing change with the spirit of the true entrepreneur. Hindalco looks for team players who are comfortable in an environment of collaboration, co-existence and co-creation. A self-proclaimed meritocracy, at Hindalco your career will soar if you work from your heart as much as your head. Hindalco believes your talent is more valuable than iron ore, aluminium, copper or any of the metals it unearths. So go ahead, show them you are a hidden diamond.

Perks and benefits

Hindalco is a diverse, equal opportunities employer that takes excellent care of its team. Its manufacturing facilities are world-class, with all the possible certifications awarded for safety, cleanliness, quality and operational excellence. Apart from excellent pay scales, you enjoy the benefits of working for a large global conglomerate with an opportunity to try new roles and functions based on your interests and performance.

Job profiles

Hindalco is hiring for people across all functions and levels, from engineering and mining to marketing and finance. Some of the other roles include:

  • Plant managers
  • Operations executives
  • Logistics, supply chain and vendor management professionals
  • Environmental engineers
  • Legal experts
  • Roles in support functions like administration, HR and finance

Get started

You have to apply for jobs in Hindalco via the main Aditya Birla Group site. If you have a minimum of 4 years of post-MBA experience, you can also apply for LEAD, a learn-while-you-earn, on-the-job programme for potential leaders. Log onto and follow the HR trail to the application!