A government job in one of India’s treasured PSUs, a chance to manage your country’s energy, and a career that is enduring and exciting: all perks of the job at Hindustan Petroleum.

Job in Hindustan Petroleum: Fuelling India’s Success

Money may well make the world go round but petrol isn’t too far behind in the scheme of things either. As the world becomes more mechanised, the demand for fuel is growing at a rapid pace. The need to responsibly produce, store and distribute fuel across the country is of national importance. And this national duty falls on the capable shoulders of Hindustan Petroleum.

Company profile

Acknowledged as one of the ‘Navratnas’ or nine jewels in the Government of India’s crown, Hindustan Petroleum delivers an annual revenue of US$ 36.975 billion to our exchequer. It is also a Fortune 500 and a Forbes 2000 company. It fuels our airlines, our cooking ranges and our cars and bikes. So far, all you’ve done is blow petrol on those long, meaningless car and bike rides. Now how about paying back by helping produce and manage it? How about a job in Hindustan Petroleum?

Why Hindustan Petroleum?

Hindustan Petroleum is not just about looking after our petrol requirements. It has a bigger mission than that. One of its primary tasks is to secure the energy needs of the entire nation, from petrol to other hydrocarbon based fuels, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Over 11,000 employees around the country—from distant sea bound oil refineries to corporate offices in our cities and towns—help deliver this mission day in and day out. Its people are what make Hindustan Petroleum one of the top performing public service enterprises. And you could be one of those special persons.

Perks and benefits

Hindustan Petroleum is a government employer so you can expect all the benefits and perks that come with that. In addition to transparent pay scales, you also get clearly defined dearness allowances and house rent allowance. Ensuring a balance between your professional growth and personal development, a career with Hindustan Petroleum gives you educational refund loans and study leave. You also get housing benefits, loans and relocation, insurance, and other advances.

Work culture

Consider a job in Hindustan Petroleum only if you are not commitment phobic because the management expects you to stay. Hindustan Petroleum is a promote-from-within company. This means that people are usually hired at the entry level and they grow with the company, staying with it for years and even decades. With Hindustan Petroleum, it is not just a job, it is a career. So make the most of it.

Job profiles

Hindustan Petroleum is always seeking its next batch of staff from well-regarded engineering colleges, premier business studies institutes and chartered accountancy institutes. Since it promotes from within, it usually hires at the entry level. However, it also recruits laterally based on requirements. You will find these requirements posted on its website or in major national newspapers. It usually hires at two levels for core functions:

  • Officer trainee
  • Officer
  • Apart from the core functions, it also hires:
  • R&D specialists
  • Finance, operations and legal specialists
  • Support personnel

Get started

All current vacancies are available on the company website, so log onto and start filling out those forms!