A career in Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) gives you the right platform to kick off a career in the ever-growing fast moving consumer products industry. Be part of HUL’s mission to help Indians live a better, healthier and more progressive life.

Job in Unilever: Deliver India’s Favourite Products Better, Faster, Smoother

Consumer products in India are the mainstay of every tiny corner store and every megastore that opens. And at the heart of those consumer products is the Unilever India story. When you use anything from toothpaste to tea, then chances are you already use Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) products. So why not make those very products pay your rent?

Company profile

HUL, India’s largest fast-moving consumer goods company has been in India for over 75 years. It’s been giving Indians everything from their cosmetics to drinking water, and tea to toothpaste. In fact, HUL serves two of three Indians every moment of the day. Over 16,000 really talented people help HUL clock over INR 200 billion in annual sales. With 35 brands across 20 categories, a potential career in HUL means that you can be omnipresent!

Why HUL?

Whether you are just starting your career or are in the middle of a successful one, HUL speaks only one language—the language of excellence. If you speak this language too, then you should consider a career in HUL. You will not only have a pick of challenges, but you will also have access to opportunities in over 100 countries with both mature and emerging markets. At HUL, you will have the freedom to act, innovate, decide and grow. What you do with that freedom will decide how far your career in HUL will go. Remember that you will be watched at all times. But if you are noticed for the right reasons, say hello to a global career in consumer products. And a great performance-linked incentive plan too.

Perks and benefits

Market-competitive salaries. Incentives and bonus plans linked to your performance. Among the best retirement plans that rewards high-performance loyalists. And some of the most exciting leadership and professional development programs in the world. Not everyone makes it to HUL. But if your CV makes it through the sea of applications, and you deliver performance, HUL is a company that would be happy to reward you in full. Perks like gyms, concierge services and sabbaticals are just the basics. Get used to the high life.

Work culture

HUL believes its people define its culture and its success. So you can imagine how important its people are to HUL. If you like the idea of being the centre of attention, then a job in HUL will give you all the spotlight you want. Are you ready to shine?

Job profiles

Core roles at HUL include:

  • Finance professionals
  • Sales and marketing professionals
  • Vendor management executives
  • Key account managers
  • Information technology change makers
  • Human resources executives
  • Research and development team members (scientists, engineers and innovators)

Get started

The Personal Evaluation Kit available on the HUL website is a great way to start your journey towards a career in HUL. Find out where you stand in relation to your personal and professional goals and how a job in HUL can help you get there. If you are convinced, then explore the many openings listed and start applying. Don’t forget to explore the section on interview techniques and how to make your resume HUL-ready. Log on to today!