If you see yourself as a change maker who puts the nation first, then a career in ITC gives you the right combination of consumer and citizen focus across a range of sunrise industries that are driving India’s growth.

Job in ITC – Redefining the Quintessentially Indian Conglomerate

What makes a conglomerate representative of a nation? Its range of products. Its diversity of people. Its progressive nature. Its ability to provide employment and customer satisfaction. Its ability to touch the lives of a country’s citizens every day in so many ways. ITC embodies all of these and that is what makes ITC India’s company.

Company profile

One of India’s largest professionally run private enterprises, ITC has over USD 7 billion in turnover. It is one of the ‘World's Best Big Companies’, part of the exclusive ‘Asia's Fab 50’ club, one of Forbe’s ‘Most Reputable Companies’, and Business Today’s ‘Most Valuable Company’. ITC is driven by the commitment to deliver value to shareholders as much as to deliver value to the nation. ITC’s foremost mission is India. A career in ITC means you can help define India. Lofty goal, true, but it’s possible with a job in ITC. If you want to bring social change but believe charity begins at home, apply for a job in ITC today.

Why ITC?

From hotels to high fashion, from cigarettes to children’s products, from food to paper factories, ITC has it all. Over the decades, ITC has mastered the concept of India. No one can beat ITC in its sheer reach, its much-loved brands and unbreakable supply chain management. Over 29,000 people and over 5 million livelihoods prove that ITC doesn’t just touch people’s lives with its products—it keeps homes running in more ways than one.

Perks and benefits

A job in ITC promises a compensation package anchored in three core principles: market-led, performance leveraged and the capacity to pay. Depending on your function, level and location, you will also get accommodation, medical cover for yourself and your dependents, company transportation and club membership. You can also find options to study further, use ITC’s many holiday homes across the country, and be a part of its elaborate pension scheme.

Work culture

‘The future belongs to those who create it’. This just about sums up the culture at ITC where you are expected to perform like a leader, innovate like a scientist and market like a preacher every single day. The company rewards performance. But how you deliver is as important as what you deliver. A job in ITC needs you to internalise the ITC way—collaborative, innovative and with integrity.

Job profiles

Whether you are a specialist or a generalist, ITC has a role for you. At ITC, it’s all about execution. So if you are a doer, then you can make things happen at ITC. Choose from roles across levels in its core functions of sales, marketing, supply chain and logistics, finance and manufacturing. If you are a fresh graduate, there are campus roles open as ITC management trainees, which is the surest way to kick-off a long-term career with one of India’s most valuable companies.

Get started

Log onto to view a list of current openings and if you cannot find something that suits you, upload your resume and the eagle-eyed talent spotters at ITC will soon be knocking on your inbox.