If you like roller coaster rides that never end, then you are up for the challenge that a job in J.P. Morgan offers. Belt up and get on, your journey of a lifetime in the global banking and finance industry has begun!

Job in J.P. Morgan – A Global Spectrum of Banking and Financial Services

The banking and finance sector is the lifeblood of global industry. It enables people, companies and governments to do business, buy, sell, invest and prosper at unprecedented levels. If you loved being the banker every time your family played Monopoly, then you already know—in a way—the power they hold. A job with J.P. Morgan lets you have that feeling once again, only this time for real money!

Company profile

Over 200 years old, J.P. Morgan offers banking relationships the world can bank on. It pioneered the concept of relationship banking in the 19th century, long before you got comfortable enough with your personal banker to ask him for a fifth overdraft in as many months. Over 70,000 people and assets worth over US$ 2.2 trillion—yes, with a T—make it bigger than some nation’s economies! Clients in more than 100 countries around the world trust J.P. Morgan to manage their money—be it government bodies, private firms, individuals or non-governmental agencies. Your career with J.P. Morgan will be yet another example of its many key long-term relationships.

Why J.P. Morgan?

Recently, Universum’s business student poll ranked J.P. Morgan the top ‘ideal employer’ among financial services in the Asia Pacific region. Fortune named J.P. Morgan the ‘most admired company’ in banking and finance, and Barron’s rated it one of the ‘most respected companies’. Not enough? J.P. Morgan has won over 20 other awards in the region for its customer and people performance in the last two years alone.

Perks and benefits

Your personal and professional growth is of utmost importance to J.P. Morgan as an employer. If you land a job in J.P. Morgan, you can give up those plans to move to an ashram in order to hone your personal development. A holistic development plan custom-made for you will channel your inner leader and team player, not just at work but also outside work.

Work culture

At J.P. Morgan, you are a team player first. The company believes in collectively doing good, and doing what it is good at. This philosophy combines its business expertise, social commitment and focus on stakeholder value—the three pillars of life at J.P. Morgan. If you are planning a career with J.P. Morgan, forget about economy and start practising your first-class moves because J.P. Morgan’s philosophy is ‘doing first-class business in a first-class way’.

Job profiles

No matter what job or role you pick at J.P. Morgan, you are expected to be an innovator, a leader and an entrepreneur. A career in J.P. Morgan is highly challenging but rewarding. Typical roles include:

  • Investment banking professionals
  • Financial and research analysts
  • Customer service and back office executives
  • Legal and administrative roles
  • Project managers and coordinators
  • Information technology specialists

Get started

J.P. Morgan recommends that you thoroughly research the banking industry in general and J.P. Morgan in particular before applying for a position. Once you are sure your personal and professional goals match what it has to offer, log onto and get started on the online job application process. Make sure you are aware of its application deadlines as they shortlist resumes on a rolling basis. Good luck!