If a career in India’s dynamic banking and finance sector triggers your intellectual and emotional quotient, then a job in JM Financial is going to be your first and last stop.

Job in JM Financial – Integrated Banking and Financial Services for India

The Indian financial services landscape was not traditionally known for its processes, discipline or transparency. But when JM Financial set itself the goal of being the most trusted partner for each of its stakeholders, it also changed the Indian financial services industry comprehensively. If you like being a part of meaningful change, then learn more about a career in JM Financial.

Company profile

JM Financial Limited is recognised as one of the best companies to work for in the Indian financial sector. It is well known for its rewards and recognition programs for employees. That means JM Financial is recognised for the way it will recognise you when you deliver to their exacting standards. Confused? Don’t be! All you need to remember is that JM Financial is one of India’s foremost comprehensive financial services group, offering everything from trading and broking to asset reconstruction and private equity and clocking over INR 2 billion in total income. And if you play your cards right, you could be building a long-term career with JM Financial in the near future.

Why JM Financial?

Remember that old saying ‘discretion is the better part of valour’? Well you may not have adhered to it in your personal life, but if you are considering a job in JM Financial then you need to learn the fine art of discretion, trust in yourself and trust in others. This is the only way, JM believes, that stakeholders and clients can trust you back. Without trust, there can be no realistic way to manage the personal wealth and investments of some of the country’s most important companies and high-net worth individuals. Perhaps you can start with confession next Sunday.

Work culture

JM Financial is a young, dynamic business group that believes in taking challenges by the horns and delivering on them with utmost integrity and teamwork. Innovative solutions and unbreakable trust is why clients love JM Financial. A job in JM Financial is only the first step in what is among the best and most clearly defined career paths in the Indian banking and financial sector with frequent opportunities to learn, grow, innovate and contribute. As it is a group offering a comprehensive spectrum of banking and financial services, a job in JM Financial means you can move as much horizontally as vertically, across the group businesses.

Job profiles

Typical roles at JM Financial span the spectrum of financial product and service offerings that it offers to clients in India. Typical openings include:

  • Asset management and banking professionals
  • Commodity brokers and traders
  • Corporate communications, marketing and strategy professionals
  • Corporate secretarial and compliance experts
  • Finance and accounts executives
  • Administration staff

Get started

Log onto, study the various profiles open, and submit an online job application form along with your resume This sounds easy enough, but if you do get that job in JM Financial, it will be the last simple thing you do!