Build a career in KPMG and provide financial and business advisory, and tax and audit services to leading businesses and organisations; help them negotiate risks and perform better.

Career in KPMG – Scripting Success Stories

Vital inputs on local laws and regulations and insights into markets and competition play a huge role in making any businesses successful. It’s a mad rush to stay ahead. And who better than smart youngsters like you to inject that all important dynamism and energy into understanding and tackling new trends and challenges. Nothing like showing the way, and even teaching some new tricks along the way, to some of the world’s most reputed companies! If this sounds good then join KPMG, one of the world’s leading auditors and professional services companies.

Company profile

The broad range of services that KPMG provides clients across industry sectors—risk, financial and business consulting, tax and auditing services, and corporate governance—is often the difference between being the best in their fields and being also-rans.

KPMG firms employ 145,000 people across 152 countries and are always on the lookout for dynamic and talented youth. With clients including top corporate houses, governments and not-for-profit organisations, rest assured, there are challenges aplenty. And that’s exactly what you are looking for to bring out the best in you, aren’t you?


Who wouldn’t want to work with some of the most innovative professionals in the market and the world’s biggest companies (a majority of the Fortune 500 companies consult KPMG firms) while getting rewarded handsomely and having fantastic prospects to boot? Apart from the challenging work environment and excellent pay packages, KPMG is a fun place to work and build a career in because of the stress laid on diversity, inclusion, work-life balance and flexibility.

KPMG consistently ranks high in ‘Best Company to Work For’ lists of major publications like Time, Businessweek, Fortune and others. In 2011, KPMG was ranked #2 for the second year in Universum’s ranking of ‘The World’s Most Attractive Employers.’ Training Magazine ranked KPMG #5 out of 125 companies with the best training programmes.

Add to all this one of the biggest perks—the opportunity to spend time overseas on international assignments as part of KPMG’s global opportunities programme. Is there a better way to work? Have fun experiencing diverse lands and cultures while getting unmatched exposure to global clients, teams and new industries!

Work culture

KPMG’s rating as a top employer has a lot to do with the firm’s work culture. Teamwork, building trust and open communication are part of its core values. Learning opportunities are immense and support systems, leadership development and mentoring are stressed upon. As part of KPMG corporate responsibility projects you will also help tackle key issues like poverty, climate change and education.

Job profiles

Choose from a number of opportunities across various disciplines and expertise. Some of them include:

  • Tax specialists and auditors
  • Business analysts and financial analysts
  • HR personnel
  • Systems analysts and software engineers
  • Corporate lawyers and legal affairs managers
  • General management and administration professionals
  • PR, advertising and marketing executives

Get started

The selection process starts with an online application followed by tests. Shortlisted candidates will be called in for interviews. So get started at and make yourself a fine career.