A career in Kraft means you get to be part of an iconic company and deliver yummy food and beverages to millions of people in North America.

Kraft – Setting Culinary Trends

It’s hard to think of life without processed food and beverages these days. For many, life would be thrown out of gear without the convenience and variety that packaged food offers—in terms of time, labour and easy access. Food processing is a dynamic industry and the range of food products and beverages available off the shelf all over the world is increasing by the day with globalisation and lowering of trade barriers. And this is an industry that is always happy to welcome young, energetic, ambitious go-getters like you.

Company profile

Kraft Foods has tickled the taste buds of people for over a hundred years with its huge range of food and beverages. Many of its brands are household names across the United States and Canada and it is no surprise that the company recorded revenues of $19 billion in 2011.

Kraft Foods is in a new phase of its operations. It’s focussing now on its grocery business in North America having turned over its global snacks business, including Cadbury, to Mondelez International Inc. This ‘re-made’ company is all geared up to be the best in its business and a career here will be a rewarding one for sure.

Why Kraft?

In the process of reinventing itself and charting a new future, Kraft has the spirit of a start-up even as it can bank on a successful pedigree going back more than a hundred years. The company has ambitious plans and is on the lookout for innovative thinkers from diverse backgrounds with fresh ideas and a creative spirit. Whether you are a young graduate or an experienced professional, Kraft promises a satisfying career full of opportunities with compensation and benefits to match the best in the industry. And if you have a passion for food, then that would definitely count in your favour!

Perks and benefits

Various health and lifestyle improvement programmes such as stress management, health checkups and fitness facilities are part of life at Kraft. It also has diversity and inclusion training programmes to instil the spirit of openness and inclusivity in all its employees.

Work culture

With its open environment, inclusive culture, celebration of diversity and passion for fresh ideas and creative thinking, Kraft promises to be a great place to work. An equal opportunities employer, Kraft likes its workforce to reflect the community it caters to. You’re sure to fit right in!

Job profiles

Ready to add your bit to the Kraft mix? Choose from several open profiles throughout North America in various functions. Some typical roles at Kraft include:

  • Marketing and sales professionals
  • Financial experts
  • Manufacturing and operations personnel
  • Get started

The selection process at Kraft begins with an online application followed by interviews for shortlisted candidates. So get started at and serve up culinary delights to millions.