Get a job in Mahindra and find opportunities aplenty to make your mark in an assortment of industries and sectors from automotive to financial services, IT, energy, real estate and more.

A Career in Mahindra – Conquering New Frontiers; Charting Diversified Growth

In the globalised world, even established names are finding it difficult to remain relevant, let alone stay at the top of any sector. Business groups and companies are trying to innovate and find new avenues of growth to retain that competitive edge. It’s simple really, evolve with the times or be left behind. And who better than you—fresh off the block and bursting with energy and ideas—to do it all?

Company profile

One of India’s most admired industrial houses, Mahindra chose not to rest on its laurels in the utility vehicle segment and successfully diversified into many areas. It now has prominent positions in IT, financial services, components, farm equipment, leisure and hospitality, and engineering and retail, among others.

The group employs over 144,000 people, has a global presence with operations in 100 countries and is worth over US$ 15 billion. Phew! How did a Jeep manufacturing company do all this? Well, why not become part of the company and see for yourself? Find out what makes Mahindra so successful and get paid handsomely while at it.

Why Mahindra?

The pay is just a part of what makes Mahindra attractive. A company recently ranked by Forbes among the 200 most reputable in the world has to be professional and a good career option for anyone. One thing is for sure, you are never going to feel out of place at Mahindra—the average age at Mahindra is under 30! So don’t be surprised if you come across several different versions of yourself, dynamic and creative individuals.

Did you know Mahindra’s employees have the option of moving between sectors? With more than 40 operating companies in diverse industries, the potential for a great career path is immense. That is not all: other promising aspects of a career in Mahindra include opportunities for overseas assignments, flexible work hours and generous vacation time to maintain a balance between your personal life and career.

Even as you go about doing your job, the company would be grooming you continuously. The talent management system in Mahindra mentors, nurtures, and promotes its employees.

Work culture

The diversity of the work force, the professionalism and the new challenges that keep coming up make Mahindra an exciting place to work. Although a culture of collaboration is nurtured, you are encouraged to think independently and develop leadership skills. Merit is always rewarded. Giving back to the community is a big part of life at Mahindra. Philanthropic activities, corporate social responsibility programs and the opportunities to do volunteer work and reach out to various disadvantaged groups will all be part of your life here.

Job profiles

There are several different job profiles at various divisions of Mahindra. Some of the typical roles include:

Engineers – mechanical, civil, electronics, electrical, automobile etc Software professionals and computer science graduates

  • HR representatives
  • Management professionals
  • Marketing and sales executives
  • Corporate communication experts

Get started

Itching to get started? Search for vacancies and send in your resume with a cover letter through the group’s online job portal. Interviews will follow for promising applicants. Visit for all the details.