Build a career in Marico and deliver a range of beauty products and consumer goods to customers throughout India and to several markets in South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

A Job in Marico – Redefining Personal Care

India today is one of the main engines of global retail having one of the fastest growing consumer goods markets in the world. The retail sector is consequently, also one of India’s biggest employers. Given the increasing purchasing power of middle class consumers, the growth is all set to continue. Obviously, the industry is going to face tough competition all the way and sustaining growth will become more challenging. This is where you come in! Investing in the future, particularly in young talent, is going to be key for firms looking to stay ahead of the competition.

Company profile

Marico’s health, wellness and beauty care products find a lot of takers across India and have an increasing presence in over 25 countries in the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia. The company has manufacturing facilities throughout the country, boasts a widespread distribution network, and recorded a turnover of US$ 729 million in 2011–12.

With acquisitions and innovations, Marico has strengthened its portfolio for the youth and has a strong presence in the male grooming segment as well. This is definitely a company on the move and a great place to be for a young professional like you.

Why Marico?

With its expanding product range and increasing foray into rural areas and overseas markets, leadership opportunities are aplenty at Marico in several disciplines. The company is always looking for fresh young talent to be groomed for leadership roles with long-term perspectives. The compensation package, benefits and performance linked incentives are comparable to the best in the industry; merit is appreciated and rewarded, and Marico promises a good work-life balance as well. And above all, a career in Marico is sure to be challenging, exciting and fast paced–precisely the conditions you thrive in, right?

Work culture

The Marico work culture emphasises on team work, dignity, mutual trust, and respect for all team members. Marico’s open environment encourages you to express your views and opinions regardless of your position in the organisation resulting in a free flow of information. The sense of belonging and security that the close knit organisational structure brings about is a great feel good factor and helps you perform at your best.

Job profiles

Ready to play a leadership role in India’s growing consumer goods sector as part of Marico? Choose from a variety of options in different disciplines available across India. Some of the typical job profiles at Marico include:

  • Marketing and PR executives
  • R&D and product development experts
  • Sales managers
  • Visual merchandisers
  • Finance and accounts executives

Get started

The selection process at Marico starts with an online application followed by tests and interviews for the shortlisted candidates. So get started at and provide consumers with better choices.