Get a job in Maruti Suzuki, be part of the burgeoning Indian automobile industry, and deliver a whole range of cars to customers across India and abroad.

A Job in Maruti Suzuki – Leading Automotive Growth

The Indian automobile industry, second only to the Chinese in terms of growth, plays a vital role in the country’s progress and emergence as an economic power. With steady growth in the domestic and export markets, outlook for the industry looks positive. But many challenges lie ahead, especially in terms of manufacturing greener and more efficient vehicles. And who better to come up with new technologies and products than smart youngsters like you? The future is yours after all!

Company profile

The only Indian company to have sold over 10 million cars, Maruti Suzuki delivered more than 1.13 million vehicles in 2011–12, including exports. India’s largest car maker with 15 brands and 150 plus variants also has the largest sales and service network among car manufacturers in the country.

If you want to make it big in the Indian automotive sector and play a part in transforming it, there is no better team to be part of than Maruti Suzuki. India’s most reputed passenger car company has been rated first in customer service in the JD Power survey for 12 successive years. The Brand Trust Report ranked Maruti Suzuki sixth in 2012 among brands researched in India.

Why Maruti Suzuki?

The figures and accolades mentioned would do for most people, but you, meticulous as you always are, would dig deeper, wouldn’t you? Well, Maruti Suzuki is not too different when it comes to hiring people and making use of the latest technology. It is always on the lookout for ambitious, driven, diligent and innovative professionals and hire only the best. Get in and you are assured of an exciting career in an environment designed to bring out the best in you. An excellent pay package, superannuation benefits, and medical insurance await you at Maruti Suzuki.

Perks and benefits

There is more. Maruti Suzuki’s top class training programmes bring employees up to speed in the latest technology, management trends and industry developments. Apart from specific training for new staff members, programmes are conducted based on needs and include training in Japan at the SMC, annual workshops and team building drills.

Work culture

The Maruti Suzuki team is like a close-knit family unit with a work culture that stresses on team work, discipline and integrity. Family connect initiatives, outbound training programmes and sporting events make for fun interludes in between all the hard work.

Job profiles

Some of the typical opportunities in Maruti Suzuki include:

  • R & D professionals
  • Automotive engineers and designers
  • Marketing and sales executives
  • Quality control experts
  • HR representatives

Get started

Fresh graduates are only hired through campus interviews; however, you can apply online if you have a couple years or more of relevant experience. Get started at and lead India’s automotive sector.