Build a career in the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and provide trading and investment opportunities to investors across the country. Deliver a state-of-the-art, transparent trading system to all.

A Career in NSE – Boosting Financial Investments

Financial literacy in India is still below par but there are a large number of people keen to make sound financial investments. Easy access to investment and trading opportunities through a transparent and efficient stock market can significantly help this large group of people. So, all you financial whiz kids—ready to bring all that money into the market and make everyone a bundle of money?

Company profile

India’s leading stock exchange, the National Stock Exchange (NSE), has a network spread over 1,500 locations across India. It is supported by over 230,000 terminals that facilitate investors with quick access to the financial market. Using state-of-the-art technology, NSE offers investors with an excellent trading, clearing and settlement mechanism.

The NSE conducts transactions in debt, equity and derivative markets and ranks third in the world for transacted volume. Given India’s growth trajectory, this can only grow and a career in NSE means more challenging times ahead. Isn’t that what you always wanted? A job where you are challenged and expected to come up with the best solution even in the most trying of times?

Why NSE?

Like we said before, you are in for an exciting career in a fast paced work environment at NSE. It uses the newest and most innovative technology to stay ahead of the competition. So you are always up to date, learning on your feet and stretching your potential.

Working for India’s largest fiscal entity, and a top brand at that, has a lot of other benefits too. It offers you outstanding exposure to the financial markets, opportunities to work with the best in the business and of course, job security. All of this comes with an attractive package that includes medical benefits, a reward system that promotes merit and professionalism, and superannuation benefits.

Work culture

If you aren’t convinced already, the excellent work culture should clinch the deal. An equal opportunities employer, the work environment at NSE is one that celebrates variety and diversity. The focus on innovation, cross-departmental exposure, and opportunities for self development and leadership enhancement all work towards making your career vibrant and rewarding. And all the while, you will be providing customers with the best possible service. If this doesn’t look like a nice place to work, there are few better.

ob profiles

NSE is always looking for competent and energetic people to retain its competitive edge. Opportunities are open for professionals from various fields. Some typical job profiles include:

Systems analysts Business development executives Business analysts IT professionals Derivative research executives Legal experts

Get started

Ready to start? The selection process starts with an online application; you can also post you resume to the HR department. Log on to for all the details.