Take a job in Onida and carry the latest in consumer durables and electronics to all parts of India and several overseas markets including the Middle East and Africa.

A Job in Onida – Improving Consumer Choices, Meeting Consumer Needs

The consumer durables and electronics industry is one of the most dynamic in the world. It is also one of the most competitive, with market leadership positions often changing hands and brands always having to come up with new, better products to stay ahead. It’s a tough world and there’s a lot of pressure, but there are many who thrive under these conditions. Are you one of them?

Company profile

Onida’s range of products give consumers numerous alternatives and price options, especially in markets dominated by big multinational companies with expensive offerings. Time was when you equated Onida with colour televisions, but with constant innovations, an expanding product range, and exploring new lucrative markets, Onida has reinvented itself and is all set to regain some of the market share it lost to foreign brands. It welcomes all the vitality and out-of-the-box thinking that young professionals bring.

Why Onida

After three decades and millions of happy customers, Onida has often been voted the most trusted consumer brand in India. Now the company plans to increase sales throughout India and in its overseas markets in the Middle East, the SAARC nations and east African countries. Strategies for growth include product innovations and well chalked out plans for rural markets. The situation is just perfect for smart and talented youngsters like you to step in and build a dynamic career. In Onida, you will face enough challenges to keep you sharp and in touch with emerging trends and practices. What’s more, you can migrate from one discipline to another to better your prospects.

Perks and benefits

Wait, there’s more! Apart from a fantastic pay package and other benefits, Onida organizes regular training sessions and workshops for its employees. You will be constantly upgrading your knowledge and enriching your skills. At Onida, it’s not just your professional health that the company cares about; periodic health camps keep an eye on your physical health as well.

Work culture

The company promises an excellent work environment where independent thinking is encouraged and merit rewarded. Working as a team, taking part in fun activities and celebrations are all part of life at Onida. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Job profiles

Want to be a part of Onida? Choose from a long list of roles available across the country in various disciplines. Some of the typical positions at Onida include:

  • Chartered accountants
  • Marketing and sales executives
  • Engineers
  • R & D professionals Area/territory sales manages
  • HR representatives PR experts
  • Get started

The hiring process at Onida involves an HR interview, functional rounds of interview and psychometric testing. Oh, it’s much simpler than it sounds, really! So get started by filling in the online application at and take it from there.