A job in Pfizer will instil life’s best values in you. Make a difference to society and touch the lives of people positively by working in this global pharmaceutical MNC.

Job in Pfizer – Lead with Values

A majority of India’s pharmaceuticals giants have forayed into the health supplements and tonics arena to make a positive impact on the lives of people. Pfizer is an example. Such companies offer preventive medicines that improve consumers’ health. Make a difference to society by working in such a noble enterprise!

Company profile

Pfizer Limited (India) breathes innovation and this is reflected in every task, function and activity of the organisation. It is one of the biggest R&D spenders in the global pharmaceutical industry and its investments in clinical research in India amounted to US$ 1.18 million in March 2012.

Headquartered at Mumbai, Pfizer employs over 3,000 people and operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Thane, Maharashtra. It earned total revenues of almost US$ 185 million up to March 2012. Six Pfizer brands figure among the Top 100 Indian pharmaceutical brands while two of its brands – Corex (a cough formulation) and Becosules (a multivitamin) have consistently featured among India’s Top 15 pharmaceutical drug brands.

Why Pfizer?

International standards, advanced research, dynamic personalities, best practices and a proven track record are key attributes of this Fortune 500 Company. But one more trait outshines all – the responsibility to make a difference to society. Pfizer is in the business of saving lives and cultivating a healthy environment worldwide. Its global leadership team strives to create a lean and agile organisation where innovation and an entrepreneurial approach are encouraged.

A few of its noteworthy achievements include:

  • Business Today Magazine acknowledged it as ‘One of the Best Companies to Work For’
  • Pharma Leaders Magazine listed it as the ‘Most Admired Pharmaceutical Company of the Year’
  • Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards gave it the ‘Community Engagement Award 2010 India’.
  • Frost & Sullivan awarded Pfizer the ‘Multinational Pharmaceutical Company of the Year 2009’.
  • It was conferred the ‘Innovative Training Practices’ award by the Indian Society for Training and Development (ISTD).

Work culture

The values-driven culture at Pfizer highlights its core beliefs and achievements. Its values of integrity, respect for people, customer focus, community, innovation, teamwork, performance, leadership and quality, provide the necessary direction for realizing its vision, and also reflect the character of the organization and its people. Unshackle the leader within you!

The knowledge driven pharmaceuticals industry depends on talent for developing innovative products and marketing them worldwide. Pfizer’s talent management initiatives involve training for quick employee integration into the company, achieving high productivity, and encouraging continuous performance improvement. Unleash your talents by building a career in Pfizer.

Job profiles

Some of the typical roles available in Pfizer are:

  • Managers – regulatory affairs
  • Officers – production Sales
  • officers – consumer healthcare
  • Managers – corporate affairs
  • Product managers – companion animal business

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