A career in Sahara India Pariwar is like going through life’s journey with your family. Once inducted, you will be amazed by the wonderland created by this highly diversified Indian business conglomerate.

Career in Sahara India – Blend Emotion with Business

The Indian business scenario has been witness to many family-based businesses that have operated within a framework of Indian values and virtues, and achieved worldwide recognition and fame. The Tata, Birla and Hinduja families are a few examples. Modern India has also witnessed the rise and growth of family business conglomerates that exemplify India’s family culture. Such business houses have seamlessly blended Indian culture, tradition and values with business ethics and morals to achieve global success. The Sahara Pariwar is one such prominent entity.

Company profile

The Sahara India Pariwar is among the largest business conglomerates of modern India with an asset base of almost US$ 11 billion. It has a 910,000-strong workforce that services customers through 1,707 organizations spread nationwide. It has a depositor base of 61 million across various services it renders. Sahara’s business interests span multiple domains such as finance, infrastructure and housing, manufacturing, services and trading, tourism and hospitality, media and entertainment, and consumer products.

Why Sahara India?

Sahara India has always been involved in national development projects. Up to June 2010, it had spent almost INR 11 billion in various social, cultural, sports and developmental projects. In its 25th year (2002) of operations, every employee was given a salary hike of 25%–50%, earning it a place in the Limca book of World Records! Sahara India offers its employees innumerable professional growth opportunities and attractive perks and benefits. Some of the recent awards Sahara India has been honoured with include: The Amby Valley City and Hotel Sahara Star were awarded the Five Star Award for having ‘The Best Convention Hotel in India’ by the Asia Pacific Hotel Awards 2012 Hotel Sahara Star won the ‘Traveller’s Choice Award 2012’ from Sahara Samay, the groups national news channel, won the ‘Broadcast Engineering Excellence Award’ for its network newsroom technology in 2008 Sahara India has instituted the annual Sahara Sports Awards, which are awarded to the best Indian sportsperson in various sports.

Work culture

The work culture at the Sahara India Pariwar group companies is evident and reflected in its corporate philosophy of ‘Collective Materialism’, a philosophy that lays great emphasis on sharing and caring collectively. This Pariwar is an emotionally integrated family going far beyond being just another business organization. All its stakeholders are tightly knitted and each of its members identifies with the true spirit of Indian nationalism, beliefs, tradition, culture, morals, values and ethics. Job profiles Some of the typical roles at Sahara India are: Managers – human resources Senior managers – strategic management group Executives – graphic/web designers Electronic technicians Assistant managers – housekeeping Get started For a better insight into a career in Sahara India and to understand its recruitment system, visit