A career in Suzlon is like a parasailing adventure. You can experience the thrill of working in an alternative energy company while building a career in this Indian wind energy MNC.

Career in Suzlon Energy – Achieve Windy Success

India has always been dependent on traditional methods for generating electricity. While we have an excellent network of electrical energy sources and the ability to reach remote places, we have been relatively backward in our efforts to explore and harness alternative energy sources. True, there are organizations that are generating electricity by leveraging water turbines and solar energy; however, our efforts to harness wind power have been few and far between. Suzlon Energy Limited is an exception.

Company profile

Suzlon Energy Limited was formed in 1995 through an initial collaboration with Sudwind GmBH Windkrafttenlagen. Suzlon is in the business of wind turbine manufacturing and turnkey wind power solutions. Headquartered at Pune, India, it operates across 33 countries on 6 continents, employs over 13,000 people and achieved a turnover of USD 54.18 billion in 2011. It has 30 manufacturing facilities situated across India, Germany, Portugal and the USA.

Why Suzlon Energy?

Suzlon’s ‘One Earth’ campus at Hadapsar, Pune is spread over 10 acres and is a grand example of blending attitude, behaviour and beliefs with world class facilities and infrastructure. Each building is named after one of the five energy elements—water, fire, air, wood and ether—and reflects Suzlon’s core values of sustainability. Work stations, meeting rooms, hot desks, interactive bays, pantry, and network equipment are conveniently placed to minimize movement and provide unobstructed views of the surroundings. The Suzlon Excellence Academy symbolises its commitment towards continuous improvement.

Some of the recent honours won by Suzlon are:

‘Asia’s Most Promising Brand’ from World Consulting & Research Corporation. ‘Asia’s Most Promising Business Leaders from India’, which was awarded to Chairman Mr. Tulsi Tanti by World Consulting & Research Corporation. ‘Gold Award for Excellence and Business Prestige’ from Business Initiative Direction (BID). Silver award for ‘Best Quality Practice in HSE (Environment) Improvement Project’ from Quality Forum of India – Pune Chapter.

Work culture

Suzlon’s work culture is supported by the three pillars of brand core, corporate values and global assimilation philosophy. It is built around the core values of agility, creativity, commitment, integrity, and value addition. Once on board, you will get inducted into its brand core (sustainable development), which involves absorbing its values and combining the best qualities of the recruit with that of the organization. Suzlon’s employees have raised the performance bar with respect to professionalism, belonging, opportunity, responsibility and accomplishment. The company offers a truly global exposure and leverages the world’s best wind power technology to propel an individual towards a ‘greener tomorrow’.

Job profiles

Some of the typical roles at Suzlon are:

Managers – design and engineering transmission line Engineers (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical) Managers – IT projects Manufacturing engineers

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