A career in Titan Industries can enable you to achieve titanic success. It’s time you realized the professional heights you can scale with this Indian multi-national titan.

Career in Titan Industries – It’s Time to Face Glitter with Eyeshades

Youth has always epitomised fashion and trends in accessories, be it in watches, jewellery or eyewear. Today’s youth is inundated with a wide array of trendy, chic and ethnic designs to suit every occasion and taste. Although the influx of international brands has been a major contributor to this, India has produced its own trendy giants.

Company profile

In 1984, Titan Industries triggered a paradigm shift in the Indian watches market by fusing its futuristic quartz technology with international styling. It is today the world’s fifth largest integrated watch manufacturer. In 1995 it entered the Indian jewellery market with Tanishq, its fastest growing brand; and later the eyewear market with Fastrack sunglasses and prescription eyewear.

Titan runs India’s largest retail network with 826 stores covering over 1 million sq. ft of space. It owns over 331 exclusive ‘World of Titan’ showrooms, over 83 Fastrack outlets, and over 700 after-sales service centres. It has established over 130 Tanishq boutiques and Zoya outlets, over 31 Gold Plus and over 204 Titan Eye+ retail outlets besides two exclusive design studios for watches and jewellery.

Why Titan Industries?

People are the core of Titan’s success. It regularly invests in training, incentive and career progression schemes resulting in one of the highest staff retention rates. Innovation is a way of life here, and the Tata business model, total quality management and 360° feedback are some of the cutting-edge tools deployed here. Titan has built lasting relationships and forged bonds with all its stakeholders.

Some of its recent awards are:

  • Titan – Most Admired Timewear Brand of the Year 2009 for the ninth successive year
  • Tanishq – Most Admired Jewellery Brand of the Year 2009 for the seventh successive year
  • Its jewellery division won Gold in the FMCG category at the Greentech Environment Excellence Award 2009.

Work culture

The work culture at Titan Industries fosters the creation of a vast pool of potential leaders. The clear differentiators of its culture are robust leadership-development systems that speed up the growth of existing and future leaders, rigorous processes that drive performance, and innovative reward mechanisms that encourage excellence. High performers constantly look for new challenges to recharge their talents, strengthen their own capabilities and realize their dreams. At Titan, you will be offered internal mobility opportunities to build expertise, generate synergy and promote self-improvement. This reinforces professionalism, diversity and fosters a spirit of competition in the organization. Titan’s ‘People First’ philosophy recognizes the contribution of its employees in its success and growth. You are encouraged to learn, experiment, innovate, and grow.

Job profiles

Typical roles advertised by Titan are:

  • Senior engineers (design)
  • Retail store managers
  • Optometrists
  • Style consultants

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