Get a job in Vodafone and deliver wireless telecommunication and broadband services to millions of people in India and overseas.

A Career in Vodafone – Bridging the Communication Gap

Telecommunication is empowering people and helping businesses grow in almost unimaginable ways. Do you want to be a part of it and play a role in shaping it? Undoubtedly the youth have a major stake in all the technological advancements in the telecommunication industry. How can you ignore it?

Company profile

Vodafone is the world’s second largest mobile telecommunication company. Its networks take care of a whole gamut of telecommunication needs saving its subscribers both time and money. For businesses, Vodafone makes it easier to control and predict cost of communications by giving them a better competitive edge, while also helping to connect better with customers.

Vodafone has over 86,000 employees, a customer base of over 404 million across 30 countries, and revenues of over £46 billion. A career in Vodafone could be just as impressive as these numbers.

Why Vodafone

Obviously, a company as successful as Vodafone has to have a workforce that enjoys doing what they do and are passionate about their job. Only the cream of young graduates and MBAs get in, so you will be working with a team you could easily relate to. Vodafone appreciates a ‘can-do’ attitude in its employees.

Performance is rewarded; and a mentor sees to it that you receive the right guidance, support and leadership training to help you realise your potential. The remuneration package is second to none and you can expect an excellent career path that only a leading global technology company can offer.

Perks and benefits

Vodafone takes every opportunity to nurture and develop your talents. Experts at the company will help you set goals, and understand your strengths and weaknesses at regular development reviews. Learning experiences include job rotation, specialised coaching and mentoring, and online training programmes.

Work culture

Vodafone has an inclusive work culture. The diverse workforce reflects the company’s global footprint and customer base. Vodafone’s success is dependent on happy clients and it’s only natural that the company listens to the people who make it happen. You will find clearly established lines of internal communication which, apart from making way for a healthy work environment, also enables expression of ideas and allows for effective feedback to superiors.

Vodafone is not all about work; an innovative social responsibility programme lets employees take time out and work for a charity of their choice for up to one year. It’s like a paid career break and going beyond check book charity for the company.

Job profiles

Some of the Vodafone job profiles across India include:

  • Customer relationship executives
  • Business analysts
  • Systems engineers and IT professionals
  • Marketing and communication experts
  • Accounting professionals
  • Sales engineers

Get started

Vodafone’s selection process begins with an online application. An online test, competency based telephone interview and a final assessment follows. Get started at and help the world connect.