Get a job in Yes Bank and deliver commercial banking and a host of other financial services to retail and corporate customers in India and abroad.

A Job in Yes Bank – Securing Financial Wellbeing

Banking and financial services providers are critical to the financial system and contribute significantly to the growth of the nation’s economy. In India, new generation private sector banks have really come of age in the last decade or so and are the major players in the banking sector. Professionally managed, innovative and quick to respond to challenges, these banks are setting new benchmarks all the time. More to the point, they also attract the most promising young talent in the country and nurture them for future leadership roles.

Company profile

Yes Bank, with its comprehensive range of services and products, offers corporate and retail customers all manner of financial assistance and banking solutions. It’s India’s fourth largest private sector bank and boasts a wide network of over 380 branches across 275 cities.

Yes Bank has, over the years, won numerous accolades and has been ranked ‘India’s Fastest Growing Bank’ at the Bloomberg-UTV Financial Leadership Awards 2011 and as ‘India’s No.1 New Private Sector Bank’ in the Financial Express-E&Y Best Banks Survey 2010. A career in Yes Bank means you are part of an organisation that is clearly on the move and setting standards for operational excellence. A place you would definitely feel at home.

Why Yes Bank?

Not only do global advisory firms and prestigious media houses rate it as one of the top and fastest growing banks, Yes Bank is also a top rated employer. It focuses on building human capital and one of the bank’s objectives is to be the preferred employer in the banking and financial services sector.

Not for nothing did Yes Bank win six awards at Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards 2012 at Singapore including, among others, for talent management, excellence in training, and continuous innovation in HR strategy at work. To recognize your talent, nurture it and reward you with leadership roles for excellent performance are some of the things you are looking for from your employer, right? Not to mention the compensation package, benefits including stock options, and work environment, which are some of the best in the industry.

Work culture

The Yes Bank work culture is all about meritocracy, team work and aligning individual goals with corporate goals. Learning programmes, mentorships and even guidelines and tips on personality, wellness and grooming are offered to employees to enhance the performance culture at the bank.

Job profiles

Want to be part of the Yes Bank team? Choose from a variety of open profiles in various disciplines throughout the country. Some of the typical roles include:

  • Financial analysts
  • Investment officers
  • IT professionals
  • Marketing and promotion managers
  • HR personnel
  • Relationship managers

Get started

The selection process at Yes Bank starts with an online application. Get started at and offer hassle-free banking to all.